Your 2011 Marketing Plan: What Are Your Revenue Goals?

Day 27 (of 31):

Question To Ask Yourself: What are your revenue goals?

Do you even know?


A lot of the small business people I speak with don’t really know. Which boggles my mind. To be honest, without this goal, you CANNOT create a marketing plan. And without a marketing plan, you are far more likely to not have a good year with your business.

What are your revenue goals? Do you even know what you made in 2010? 2009? Are you growing? Are you declining? Are you all over the place?

Until you determine what your revenue goal is for 2011, you can’t do a thing to draft a plan, or make proper strategic marketing and business decisions for the coming year…

What I am doing: I am boldly projecting that my revenues will DOUBLE in 2011. This is in large part to Dreamland, my new interactive agency. And I have spent the last several weeks making adjustments to ramp up the marketing effort to land all this new business…

What about you?


Todd is planning his 2011 marketing attack. He is asking himself a series of hard questions, questions that will fine tune his go-to-market strategy. This December, Todd will share one question per day, hoping these questions help you too…

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  • Todd

    Mr. Metrics here… It’s NUTS to:

    - Not have a revenue forecast for the year
    - Not update it every month.
    - Not know what % of year-to-date target you are at all times
    - Not tie specific opportunities with specific customers that have specific odds of closing by a specific date
    - Not have enough opportunities identified to meet your forecast (e.g., I try to have 3 times the $ value of opportunities needed to make my forecast because I know I won’t win ‘em all)

    I could go on and on with useful, meaningful metrics, but I’ll stop for now. These 5 are the minimum.

    Happy New Year!


  • Todd Schnick

    thanks todd. those are mission critical. thanks for adding them to this dialog…

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