Your 2011 Marketing Plan: Is Your SEO Strategy Working?

Day Seventeen (of Thirty-One):

Question To Ask Yourself: Is your SEO strategy working?

Search engine optimization, the process of optimizing search results when people search certain keywords and phrases…in order that your content is more likely found on search engines like Google.

Is your strategy working? Do you have a strategy?

Are you optimizing your keywords? Do you know what your keywords are?

Is your SEO vendor producing results? Do you even need one?

Is your website properly optimized for search? Do you even know?

Are you tracking the numbers via Google Analytics? Do you know what those even mean?

Are you aware that this SEO “science” is constantly evolving?

What I am doing: Sometimes, I have no idea. I recently polled several SEO experts on a question for a client, and each provided a different answer. It was quite frustrating.

I am slowly researching new tactics to better optimize my site, and adding keyword strategies to my content generation. I am reading a collection of e-books to learn more.

I have much to learn in 2011…

What about you?


Todd is planning his 2011 marketing attack. He is asking himself a series of hard questions, questions that will fine tune his go-to-market strategy. This December, Todd will share one question per day, hoping these questions help you too…

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    2011 is Pro-mising . Looking forward for constantly evolving science. Nice feature on marketing. Good Job here. Watch me mid 2011 @