Your 2011 Marketing Plan: Do You Do The Little Things?

Day 23 (of 31):

Question To Ask Yourself: Do you do the little things?

Like NOT charging me for air at the gas station…

Like bringing me a FULL, LARGE coffee to-go cup when I get my check…

These little gems happened to me…just in the last 24 hours… And the real power in them? Not expecting them…

And that’s what you have to think about. Analyze all the little elements of how your customer interfaces with your business, and identify where you can implement little memorable gems.

Sometimes you just need to listen to your existing customers, because they will give you plenty of ideas if you let them…

And sometimes you need to empower your own employees to create their own little gems…let them create their own meaningful experiences… DON’T make them follow a strict script where little gems die in the ether…

What I am doing: With a home-based consulting business, I sometimes allow myself to think I can’t execute little gems like this. I am wrong. And I am brainstorming some new ideas… You’ll see what happens! ;-)

What about you?


Todd is planning his 2011 marketing attack. He is asking himself a series of hard questions, questions that will fine tune his go-to-market strategy. This December, Todd will share one question per day, hoping these questions help you too…

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  • Alicia Arenas (@AliciaSanera)

    Great question Todd! It’s a little bit more challenging for us work-from-home consultants. But when we discover the little gems we can give, they are even more appreciated. Can’t wait to see your discoveries!

  • Todd Schnick

    you are right, alicia. all the more reason for us work-from-home consultants to find some gems!

    thanks, as always, for stopping by!