Your 2011 Marketing Plan: Are You Doing Enough Learning?

Day 24 (of 31):

Question To Ask Yourself: Are you doing enough learning?

Most people are not. And that is why they fail, or labor in a job they detest, or wonder why they have no creativity.

And it is your own fault.

Why aren’t you focused on learning all that you can? Why don’t you dedicate time to this process? Why aren’t you encouraging your employees to keep learning, or at least providing them with material they can learn from?

I believe continuing education is the most important thing you can do to become better…

Better at life, better at creativity, better at marketing, better at business, etc…

Why aren’t you living in bookstores, searching the internet, talking to mentors – to become better?

What I am doing: I read 40 books this year. I will do my best to continue this pace. And more importantly, do what I can to help others keep learning, such as:

Creating this intrepid reading list page.

Adding great content to my products page.

Such as this SUPERIOR product helping you build your own business empire!

What about you?


Todd is planning his 2011 marketing attack. He is asking himself a series of hard questions, questions that will fine tune his go-to-market strategy. This December, Todd will share one question per day, hoping these questions help you too…

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  • Todd


    The topic of learning – methodical, relentless, continuous learning, is a hugely important topic. It’s not possible to learn enough.

    The VAST majority of the “self-improvment” tips I come across are fluffy, feel-good nonsense. The business world should ignore all that stuff and simply read this post.

    In 2011, I’m dedicated to practicing what you preach in this post!


  • Todd Schnick

    thanks todd.

    the dedication to the kind of relentless improvement you preach is what is lacking from most people in business…

    appreciate you advancing the cause… thanks.