We All Have A Story To Tell

We’ve all driven down the highway and seen that billboard that proclaims: Nobody Reads This.

That concept crossed my mind last Friday when we were conducting a seminar for a large client. The purpose of the presentation? To begin to teach a sales force of a large multi-million dollar company what’s possible by fundamentally changing their sales process. How? By incorporating the magic of the social web into their daily lives.

What was amazing to me was how many folks in the room were not on Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn. Really. A room full of sales reps, and only TWO on LinkedIn. Most of them had never read a blog.

But you could see the lights coming on as the day progressed, as they began to see and understand what’s possible.

You see, early in the session, a few doubters had two thoughts in their mind: One, there is nothing out there of value to me – spending time out on the social web isn’t worth my time. And two, not a soul – not one person – gives a damn about anything I have to say…

As the day progressed and we talked about concepts of sharing the work of others, how to search for and find content that matters, and how to take action on information that you find, they began to see it: Just as I (the sales rep) can learn to find the nuggets of valuable content out on the web…there will be people who will search for, find, and care about what I contribute.

It is like the billboard, there is an audience…more than you might imagine. There is someone out there who will care about what you have to say. It might be a small tribe, but that may be all that matters to sell into – and matter to – your marketplace.

We all have a story to tell. There are people who want to hear your story, share it, learn from it, and take their own action as a result.

This idea really clicked for me a while back when I heard Gary Vaynerchuk talk about how important it was to even have just ONE follower. Even if it is one person, what you say matters. And it might have deep impact on their life. And that makes it worthwhile.

So get to it. Start telling the story you’ve got to tell. Right now…

[photo from tumblr]

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  • Todd


    The more I reflect back on that day, remember the initial mind-set, the light bulbs popping on and most importantly, the flurry of activity from that group over the next few days, the more clear something becomes to me…

    Everybody DOES have a story tell. Many of those stories can and do have real, tangible VALUE to customers. It's simply a matter of using the available communications tools that surround us.


  • tschnick

    You are right Todd. To review the two key concepts that should smack everyone upside the head: One, you have something of value to say. Two, the means to distribute and tell that story are easier than ever.

    Thanks. And hope all is well south of the border!!