There Are No Shortcuts To Prospecting…


The message behind this cartoon is that there are NO shortcuts when it comes to developing a list of qualified prospects for your business.

There are no automated tools to harvest LEGITIMATE prospects from the social media fields – no randomly picking names from the phone book – no cold-calling names from the local Chamber directory.

It still takes work, blood, sweat, and tears to build a community of serious, qualified prospects. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise…

Be Intrepid.

  • Beth Bridges

    But Todd, we want the short cuts so badly. Are you sure?

    The nice part about prospecting is that we can make it a more efficient process by knowing our target market more specifically, learning how to qualify people, and by becoming a more experienced networker. It’s still not a short-cut, but we can get better at the process.

    I second the advice to not cold-call Chamber members. Especially the new ones. They get annoyed at the Membership Director of their Chamber ;-)

  • Todd Schnick

    You know, people want short cuts, AND they want a sale on the second or third contact… Who are these people??

    But you are right, you can make the process more efficient…

    And sadly, a thousand years ago I used to cold call Chamber directories. Who was I? Was that for real? Geez, if I only knew then what I know now…