The Impact of Mobile Apps, Mobile Web, and QR Codes for Your Business, and What You Should Do About It

A pleasure to welcome back Taja Dockendorf of Pulp + Wire to this special edition of IntrepidTV.

On this show, we talk about the importance of apps, the mobile web and QR codes to your overall marketing presentation.

Highlights from the show:

1. What’s the difference between an app, and a mobile web site? And do you need an app for your business? What questions you should ask yourself to determine if you need one…

2. As for your mobile presence, what are some questions to ask yourself about what your mobile web site should include…

3. What is a QR [quick response] code? Should you use them? And what are some clever ways to leverage them…

4. With all mobile tools, if all you do is use them to continue to drive one-way messaging, you will lose out in the end. Be sure to drive content that is helpful, interactive and engages the end user.


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  • Mitech Technology

    I think mobile devices security function and apps range needs to go bit high. Yap the smart phones are releasing but these devices got same internet settings. I’m struggling to configure my new Samsung omnia internet setting. It’s not showing pages, oh man suffering trouble. Thanks