The How And Why Of Podcasting: My Workshop Outline

I conduct this workshop a lot. I thought it might be helpful to share my discussion guide online.

Disclosure, know this outline will constantly be evolving…

NEW REVOLUTION IN MARKETING – Setting the table for the value of podcasting
1. Content marketing.
2. Inbound marketing.
3. Getting the message across.
4. The need for social objects.

1. The basics.
2. How they are listened to.
3. Livestreaming.
5. Subscription. RSS, or otherwise.

1. Content generation.
2. SEO power/indexed content.
3. Prospecting.
4. Market education.
5. Sales tools.
6. Mobile presence.
7. Trade shows/conferences.

1. Business.
2. Personal.

1. Tools (wordpress, skype, blogtalkradio, conference call services such as go-to-meeting or, in-studio).
2. Editing (audacity, garage band on macs).
3. Hosting (blubrry, amazon s3, libsyn).
4. Showcasing/publishing/other tools (powerpress for WP, iTunes, podcast pickle, blubrry, stitcher,, podcastr).
5. Social web integration.

All I know is that I know a little more about podcasting than the average guy, but I am still learning. Let me know what you think I am missing. And what other podcast tools you would recommend. And what podcasting experiences, good and bad, you would like to share.

The comments are yours!

  • Anonymous

    Why live streaming? Isn’t the power of podcasting the time-shifting aspect? 

  • Todd Schnick

    of course it is. that said, some of my clients like to offer a “Live” show – despite the fact that most of the audience downloads and listens to the content on their own time…

    and livestreaming from trade shows allows those not in attendance to get a real-time feel for the event…

    thanks for checking this out!

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