The Blogging Vs. Doing My Job Conundrum | 10 Ways Around It

“Ack. I haven’t published in a few days and I need to get something up on the blog asap…

…but I am soooo busy with work and just can’t block off enough focused time to get my creative writing done. What to do?”

Yeah, that’s me. Right now. I am so jammed up with client work right now that my blogging feels like it has slagged off a bit. And I will admit to having anxiety about it. I mean, blogging shouldn’t be causing me stress, right?


But here is the deal. Don’t worry too much about it. As you will find, blogging goes in fits and stops. If you are a small business owner, or a solopreneur like me, this will be a common conundrum.

Just publish when you can. The world will keep turning and the sun will continue to come up in the morning.

Here are a few simple ideas on how to generate content quickly and simply – to help you keep publishing and shipping when you get busy with real world work:

1. When you have time, stockpile a few posts that you can publish during busy times. (I am trying to do more of this.)

2. Find an article that speaks to you and would be relevant to your audience. Mention the article, feature a link to it, and then explain in a few words why you think the article matters. Simple.

3. Do the same with a cool video. Or a commercial you see on TV and find on YouTube. Add a wee bit a commentary and publish.

I took this recently. So much to say about this shot...

4. Or snap a digital shot of something you see out in the world that you find interesting. A funny billboard (see left – a photo I took recently whilst on Atlanta roads). A clever restaurant menu. Quickly write about what you think about it, and ask for comments and thoughts.

5. Publish a survey. Ask for people’s opinions on a topic relevant to your space. Let your audience do the work.

6. Promote great e-books that might have meaning to your audience.

7. Publish a book review. Great way to publish content that has meaning to your audience, and does the author a favor (assuming of course, the review is favorable)…

8. Recommend new blogs to your audience. Again, great way to help and serve your market AND help out that blogger you are referencing. (Trust me, they will somehow return the favor).

9. Launch a podcast, and regularly publish your episodes. This is what I am doing with Intrepid Radio. And I am having a ball with it.

10. You can also publish video interviews of your customers.

So there are a few ideas for you to produce some blog content that still has meaning to your audience.

What do you think. Got any other ideas? Please share!


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  • Mark Cancellieri

    I used to put pressure on myself to keep posting content regularly like “they say,” but now I have decided to break the rules and just write. When I’m done with a post, I’m done. I’m having so much more fun blogging this time around.

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah, me too. let’s forget for a minute the debate over how often you should post. lots of different opinions on that…

    but what’s most important is that this process is fun, and not a chore. only if fun will you continue to create and generate content.

    thanks for stopping by my friend!