The Most Important Thing We Ain’t Doing

Todd SchnickI was flying to Philadelphia last week, and as I always try to do when I happen across a kick ass soldier in an airport, I say to them:

“Thank you for your service.”

They usually nod, smile, and say something like “Thank you, appreciate your support.”

I always…ALWAYS…try to shake their hand… and nine times out of ten, their grip could crush marble, which is just confirmation that they can, in fact, crush our enemies to dust.


Why am I telling you this?

Because every time I do it, I get emotional. I don’t know why, I just do. If I was to do this to a whole group of them? I’d weep like a little school girl….

[I am so damn grateful to these people...]

Maybe because it feels good. Maybe it feels good to recognize someone for their good works, service, and sacrifice.

But here is the thing: I don’t do it enough. I should be recognizing more people. I should be acknowledging more people for the good things they do.

No, maybe I won’t get as emotional as I do when I’m looking a soldier in the eye, someone who is willing to die for us…

But I bet it will still feel good…

And my oh my, what leverage taking this action brings you in the everyday world…

And that’s the real point here.

The mileage you can get from kind words, thanking someone, and telling them “job well done.”

It can move a sale along.
It can deepen a relationship.
It can make a new friend.
It can build trust.
It will make you more human.
It will make you more approachable.

And aren’t those the building blocks you need to improve your sales and marketing? And your brand?

You didn’t need me to tell you the importance and power of acknowledging someone in a meaningful way.

You already know this.

But like me, I am guessing you ain’t doing it enough.

So go…


Join my list, and join my intrepid community of people!

By the way, my interview with Gary Vaynerchuk talked about living a life based on gratitude…

Drawing by Hugh.

  • Miami Phillips

    I try to thank them every day – by helping the ones who don;t come back whole (with Post Traumatic Stress or Traumatic Brain Injuries) get a service dog. If you want see what it is like watch the video – http//

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks for what YOU are doing, and thanks for reading!

  • Lynn Hidy

    Todd, I have an appointment with myself every month to write notes to colleagues & mentors to make sure I don’t forget how important this is! Great Post, Lynn

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah, that is great discipline. we all need to do that. thanks for reading!