Wanna Get Better? Just ASK HOW!

FuegoMundoCustomerSatisfaction1Be An Intrepid Marketer – Recommendation No. 28

If you are not currently seeking real, honest feedback from your customers, you are missing out. Big time!

There is no better way to learn ways to improve the customer experience – than to ask the customer what worked, what didn’t, and what can be improved. And the amazing thing is? It is so easy to do. And yet so many don’t do it.

Why? Are they afraid to receive negative feedback? If so, then it’s time to quit.

As readers of this blog know, I do the marketing for FuegoMundo Wood-Fire Grill. We just opened our doors last week. So far, we are thrilled with the traffic and the early reviews!

But let me tell you something, there are two clear reasons why we are getting strong early reviews:

1. The FuegoMundo team worked hard to begin building a place where we could deliver a good customer experience.

2. We asked a lot of people for feedback. Before we opened.

How did this happen? We had SIX separate events where we invited people to the restaurant, allowed them to live the experience, and then when done, gave them a detailed form to collect feedback.

FuegoMundoCustomerSatisfaction2And man did we get some, and it improved the way we do things. What resulted from the feedback from about 250 people was menu changes, staff procedure changes, messaging changes, and strategic marketing changes.

It made us better.

[Do you know how easy it was to get people to participate? Just get on Twitter and Facebook and invite them to participate. Easy - if you define "easy" as working for months to build a community online using social media...]

And now that we are open, we are still aggressively seeking feedback. The artwork seen in this blog post is the very customer feedback card that rests on each table in the restaurant. You can’t imagine how many cards were filled out just in the first three days…

We want to hear from you. We want you to tell us what we can do better. Sure, we like hearing good stuff, which helps us know we are on the right track. But seriously, we need to know the bad stuff. That’s the only way we can improve. That’s the only way we can, together with our community, create something that people will want to talk about and share.

And that’s how we will grow. That’s how we will succeed. That’s how we will build momentum to start a second location.

And it all starts with asking your customer for a little feedback.

Be Intrepid.

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