Susan Cain: Can Introverts Soon Rule The World?

Susan Cain

I can almost guarantee one (or more) of three things: you are an introvert, you work with one, or your customer is one.

As an introvert myself, it is hard to figure out how to make our way in a world full of noise. But that is why I was so thrilled to read Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

Today’s show notes:

1. Introverts have their own “tool belt of powers” that can make them very effective in today’s world, a world that seems to favor extroverts.

2. “There are introverts everywhere, you just don’t realize it.”

3. Why introverts make self-negating choices, and why that might change.

4. 50% of people are introverts, and managers are waking up to realize that they need to change work environments (designed for extroverts) so that they can get better, more creative work out of HALF of their people…

5. Introverted children are sometimes labeled problem children. And introverted adults are sometimes not made to feel welcome in business environments. This has to change…

6. Introverts in a workplace designed for extroverts could explain why so many people are unsatisfied with their job and work.

7. Open plan office space, which are obviously problems for introverts, Susan makes the case that they are actually problematic for extroverts as well. More opportunities for solitude would do ALL people well, especially for creativity.

8. What can management do to better support the introverts on their team?

9. Hiring is a big problem, because obviously, extroverts are more likely to be comfortable in an interview process. What has to change with talent management? Personality tests in a hiring process can be particularly troublesome for introverts.

10. Can introverts succeed in sales?

11. What can introverts do to thrive in this loud, noisy world?

12. Do introverts make better leaders? Susan says yes, because introverted leaders are more likely to let their people run with their creative ideas…

13. Does social media help — or hurt — introverts? Susan and I debate this question.

14. Does the modern world stifle the creativity of introverts? In fact, Susan shares a study that says community brainstorming is not a great way to foster creativity. In fact, you should send people off on their own to generate and flesh out ideas, THEN bring people together.

15. You can learn more about Susan Cain and her work here.

16. Check out Susan’s excellent TED talk:

You can purchase Susan’s book here (affiliate link):


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