The reluctant storyteller :: Why we aren’t getting art into the world

Todd SchnickThere is a storyteller in all of us.

It is just that most people choose not to tell their stories, and I don’t know why that is.

Are we scared? Are we afraid that people won’t like our stories?

Are we lazy and just don’t want to do the hard work of getting this art out into the world? Are we intimidated by the hard work to build an audience for the stories?

I don’t know. Probably some combination of all of that.

But here is the thing about storytelling: it is how human beings thrive. Kids love stories, it is one of the things they love most about childhood. Adults love stories, that’s why we love to grab dinner with friends. People love stories, that’s why we read books, listen to music, and watch television and film. And business loves stories, that’s how we sell to the marketplace, and get people to take action.

The world revels in it. And yet, so many people hunker down and come up with countless reasons not to put out stories, or they overcomplicate things and over think it, taking all the joy out of their stories.

There is a debate that rages everywhere, in my organization, and probably in your organization, about creating content, and dripping it out over the long-term, editorially speaking. For example, creating four pieces of content, and putting them out once a week for the next month…

To me anyway, this makes sense only some of the time, such as with a methodically and strategically time-sequenced autoresponder email marketing campaign, for instance.

But if you have a story to tell: a blog to post, a video to share, a podcast to publish, get the damn thing out there. Why oh why would you wait?

The content is doing you no good sitting in the unpublished file. There, it isn’t getting indexed on Google. It isn’t getting searched for and found on Google. It isn’t educating your market. It isn’t building your audience. It isn’t gaining you (or your guest) exposure to a new market. And it certainly isn’t being shared around the world by you, your guest, or your audience.

Final question (and potential subject of a future essay) for you to ponder: Is a story a story if no one hears it?

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Photo by me.