Shine A Light: A Strategic Branding Shift

This past Tuesday, I served on a Social Media Atlanta panel called Shine A Light.

The gist: by shining a light on the good works of others, you thereby increase the reputation of your own personal and/or corporate brand.

Of course, this isn’t a new concept. We’ve been talking about the golden rule, paying it forward, and karma for a long time. But the point of our panel was to get you thinking about this more strategically. Not only for you personally, but for your business as well.

The best feedback I got was from a gentleman who emailed and said, “well sure, I’ve done a lot of these things, but I have never really thought about this concept from a strategic business perspective.” This was music to my ears.

The decision to embrace this idea that you can spotlight the good works of others – as a strategic marketing decision – can and should be a big piece of how you and your company goes to market.

You can shine a light on customers, prospects, thought leaders in your space, your competitors (yes, i said that. they do amazing things too…), partners and suppliers, and people and businesses you want to interact with.

This builds trust…and trust is an important element in making a sale.

Yeah, we all get marketing that attempts to interrupt and grab your attention. We all get marketing that attempts to display and demonstrate the value of your products and services. But do we understand – or more importantly – have faith in a marketing strategy that focuses on others?

This does require a fundamental shift in how you think about marketing. It requires belief. It requires faith. It requires trust. And yeah, it requires hope, hope that people will value and appreciate the fact that your focus in not necessarily on you and your business, but on people…the people who matter to you and your business.

Achieving that faith is the hard part, faith that this fundamental shift matters. Finding people to shine a light on? The easy part. Or at least it should be. If not, you might be in the wrong business…

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[photo from James Jordan on flicker]

  • Jonathan Saar

    Enjoyed seeing the emotional aspect of business outlined here as opposed to a purely statistical POV. You need to believe in paying it forward without assumption of return. When you achieve that then all things in business and life will always surprise you. Good morning Todd! Nice post sir.

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks jonathan. yeah, you are right, things in business and life do surprise you when you believe. but i also think faith and commitment to this can lead to anticipated results too!

    appreciate you…

  • Erin Z.

    Thanks for posting this, Todd. Working for a small marketing company, we try to “shine a light” on others (especially internally by recognizing employees and colleagues), but you have given me a fresh perspective on the idea. I will be meeting with our owner next week to discuss new ways to “Shine a Light” on everyone involved, all thanks to what you and David Cohen said Tuesday night!

  • Todd Schnick

    most rewarding to hear this idea has given you new perspective on the concept. best we can hope for!

    keep me posted on how it goes. always want to hear practical application so we can learn and evolve!

    thanks for your support!