Scott Dinsmore on IntrepidTV: Live Your Legend!

Scott Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore is about helping people do the work that matters to them. What inspires him is the sad fact that 80% of the people on this earth do work that does NOT make them happy.

Scott is trying to change that, and help those same people find a better path. He blogs and works out of Live Your Legend. He is about changing the world by helping you do work you love…

SHOW NOTES: Scott and I discussed the following topics:

1. First, we discuss how in the heck it is still possible that people, in this day and age, still accept a life of mediocrity, and are willing to go to a job that is unfulfilling. There is a limiting belief prevalent in our society…

2. We discuss the question of whether or not people working a corporate gig, in a cubicle, can still do meaningful work that matters…

3. The importance of “starting with why,” and how we both subscribe to the message of Simon Sinek.

4. The initial steps to understand your why, to understand how to live your legend…to start doing work that matters…

5. It starts with spending time with the right people…the right influencers. As he says, if you are trying to lose 30 lbs, don’t spend all your time with people who are 30 lbs overweight…

6. The EPIC Work Tool Kit…which can be found here.


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  • Annie Andre

    Loved the interview. 
    I whole heartedly believe in the statistic that Scott brings up about 80 percent of people not doing something that they love. so sad but true. Most people don’t admitt it and put on a happy face. psScott’s site is one of the few that i recommend to my non internet friends to read. No fluff, straight shooter to the point. 

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah, annie, it is sad. and with with people like scott, more people can stop putting on the fake happy face… thanks for stopping by!