If you aren’t growth hacking, you are dead

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Ryan HolidayPleased to welcome Ryan Holiday back to the show. Ryan joined me to discuss his recent book, Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising.

Ryan is an author, writer, and marketer. He is best known as the media strategist behind bestselling authors Tucker Max and Robert Greene, and as the Director of Marketing for American Apparel. You can learn more about him here.

He joined me a while back to talk about his first best-selling book, Trust Me, I’m Lying.

Here are some notes from our conversation:

1. How do new companies become BILLION dollar companies…without doing ANY marketing (at least traditional marketing)?

2. Traditional marketing is dead. Or at least dying quickly.

3. The definition of growth hacker marketing: a growth hacker doesn’t do “marketing,” their job is to bring in customers. “Old school marketers get in the New York Times because it looks good on the resume, growth hackers get in the New York Times because they know it will bring in 10,000 new customers.”

4. It must be scalable and trackable.

5. Marketing is no longer a task. It is now a mindset, “it is a way of approaching the world.”

6. Does the modern marketer need to be an engineer?

7. Can a large organization, marketing traditionally, make the shift into growth hacking?

8. A solution to slow sales may not always “more” marketing. You may need to pivot and go another direction.

9. Growth hacking is actually designed to make your products better.

10. What is product market fit? “Make stuff people actually want…”

11. The necessity of continuous improvement. Even when you have succeeded to market.

12. The importance of going viral…but not in the way you think about the concept. Why “viral lift” matters…

You can find Ryan’s book here (affiliate link):


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This is episode 102.

  • http://raymondduke.com/ Ray

    Um, Growth Hacking is marketing with a new coat of paint. Of course new marketing techniques will develop as new technology comes into the scene. The essentials of marketing… the principles, psychology and intentions, are solid. They will be a part of marketing, traditional marketing, new marketing, growth hacking and any other new age buzzword marketing that has yet to have its own book.

    Am I being a troll? Not intentionally. I just see this word being thrown around like it’s something new, when in my heart I don’t think it is. Growth Hacking is a way for Gen Y and X? to differentiate themselves between marketers of yesterday. I encourage anyone to read marketing books from the 19th and 20th century to learn more about the core methods of marketing… methods that are in use today. Methods that are the same as the ones in books about growth hacking.