Why Are You Acting Like A Diva?

Hugh MacLeodI interviewed both Seth Godin and Hugh MacLeod on Intrepid Radio last week.

Probably one of the biggest “gets” ever on my show. It is not often you get two multi-New York Times best-selling authors on one podcast.

I will let you in on a little secret… It was easy.

Not easy in the sense that I’ve worked very hard building relationships and have been working hard for two years to build the credibility, audience, and style of the show.

But easy in the sense that you’d think communicating with, scheduling, and handling names of this magnitude would be a royal pain in the arse.

It wasn’t.

Seth has written over 15 best-sellers. He is recognized as one of the best marketers in the world. He is called one of the best, most impactful business bloggers on the planet…

And yet he responded to email quickly. He accepted my Skype invitation almost instantly. He didn’t require any hand-holding. He agreed to the interview, and was ready on-time without any fuss. He then graciously thanked me when it was over.

He didn’t act like a guy who has written over fifteen best-sellers…

And that’s the point of this short post.

Many of us do. Each day. In our interactions with the regular people in our daily lives.

And it is ridiculous.

Why do people act like divas?

Maybe to feel important? Maybe so people will treat us like superstars? Maybe so we’ll earn respect? Maybe to make us feel like we matter?

I don’t know.

But we are too often demanding when we shouldn’t be so. We are too often impatient, when that isn’t called for. We are too often late to scheduled appointments because we feel our time is more important than the other person’s time. We scold and lecture when it isn’t appropriate. And we tattle tale and fuss and make a noisy ruckus about things that are insignificant.

So let’s take a lesson from these two professionals, two guys who have extreme demands on their time, and who are both consumed with creating art on a daily basis…but who both carved out precious time for a little podcaster like me.

We too can treat people like human beings, we too can act respectful and professional, and we too don’t have to act like cranky little children, just because we think we are important and deserve it.

We don’t have to act like divas…


For the non-divas who want to kick some butt, join the list.

Drawing by Hugh.