Pam Slim: Building your body of work in this crazy, unstable world

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Pam SlimPam Slim is a good friend. Well, we only just met. But she wrote a book JUST FOR ME. And that’s why she was a recent guest on the show…to discuss her latest book, Body of Work.

Pam Slim is a speaker, business coach, and best-selling author of not only this book, but also the popular Escape from Cubicle Nation.

Discussion topics from today’s show:

1. Will there ever be stable career paths again? Pam and I say no. So, should we embrace this new reality? The long traditional corporate path of staying with the same organization for the duration of your career has long passed…

2. Is instability the new way of life? Economic instability. Political instability, etc. Is the only truth path to finding “stability” in your life to acknowledge that the world is an unstable place?

3. In a similar vein, is it wrong to judge people (as I do) who complain about the lack of security, say, in the job market? Can’t we all accept this as a given?

4. An important future skill to learn is to blend all the different things in your life into one, tightknit story: Your job, your freelance work, your volunteer gigs, your passion projects… How do you weave all these into one interesting story to tell the world? And why is that important in this modern age?

5. The book’s subtitle is: Finding the thread that ties your story together. Pam and I discuss how most people don’t know how to tell their own story, let alone even KNOW what their story is. So…how important are storytelling skills in this project-based, digital, and social world we live in?

6. When I suggested to Pam that the ability to continuously reinvent yourself is an important skill, she kind of agreed, but said that the true skill to learn is the ability to create new things to define you and what you stand for. And that this is a never-ending process….

7. Pam gives me some free consulting: I tell her that the question I fear the most is “Todd, what do you do?” Since I have my hands in so many pies, and am involved in so many projects, I am never sure how to answer people when they ask me this question. Pam provides some keen insights on how to deal with this new reality.

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This is episode 105.

  • kayross

    Great podcast, thanks! I love topic #4. I discovered a while ago that there is indeed a common thread that weaves together all my work, hobbies and passions (marketing, performing and healing) – that thread is storytelling.

  • Todd Schnick

    Thanks for listening Kay! And you know, storytelling is everything!