One-buttock Marketing

As you know, I write a lot about intrepid marketers. I define them this way. If you don’t keep an eye on TED, you are missing out. And if you haven’t watched this video featuring Benjamin Zander, you are missing a treasure. And once you watch it, you too will strive to run an one-buttock company… Enjoy!

  • Todd Youngblood

    Todd – One of Ted’s better videos – and they’ve got many great ones. I’m missing the one-buttock metaphor though…???- TY

  • Todd

    Todd, I thought, of all people, you would enjoy this video more than most. As far as the one-buttock reference, watch 3:18 through 4:11…

  • JS

    Todd, I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing it. JS

  • Todd

    Thanks Jeff. It is truly one of my all-time favorite videos… Glad you enjoyed it!

  • J Mark Walker

    Great video! But the punchline is at the end. “Who am I being that my ____________’s (fill in the blank with employees, sales team, kid, wife) eyes are not shining?”

    What a huge wow!

  • Todd

    Yeah, Mark, I agree. That was profound too. I actually came across this video a year ago, but just recently stumbled upon it again. It has an effect on me every time I view it…

  • graphnick

    We had Ben Zander as a private speaker at my company, O.C. Tanner, a few years back. He has some interesting philosophies and is extremely passionate in the message he has to share. If only we could all capture a portion of that passion, we would all live more successful and fulfilled lives.

  • Todd

    Yeah, thanks for commenting. I love people that look at things a little differently. Always good to look at the same things through different lenses…