Welcome to the new sales reality

Todd Schnick80% of people, when they need to buy something, are now doing their own research for a vendor. They’re no longer waiting for a salesman to call them direct, looking to make a pitch.

People no longer have the time or the patience to wait around for you to call.

Plenty of writers these days writing about the percentages of buyers doing this. Personally, I think the number is much higher than 80%, but I am going with that number for the sake of your anxiety.

But here is the point I want you to think about:

Recognizing this new reality of the modern, digital world, if no one currently is approaching you about doing business, it means two things:

1. They simply aren’t finding you online (and you need to get some content out into the world).

2. Or, they just aren’t moved by what they see when they find you (which means your story and message are weak).

What you are not allowed to say is this:

“Oh, my market just doesn’t use this social media thing.”
“Oh, my market doesn’t understand what I do.”
“Oh, my market doesn’t search for solutions on the internet.”
“Oh, my market buyers don’t use the internet to research.”

If you are, in fact, saying these things, I have one thing to say to you:

You have your head buried in the sand. And it is time to wake up to modern reality.

Let me assure you of one thing: you are in serious denial if you honestly believe your market isn’t spending time online, learning about solutions you can provide.

Shame they aren’t finding you in all that research.

If you do one thing in 2014, it is this: Wake up from your slumber, and stop denying what is really happening.

Yes…even in YOUR marketplace.


To learn more about my take on sales, check out my book: The Zen of Sales!

Drawing by Hugh.

  • scottstroud

    Todd – You nailed it. Online is just too big a concept for many veteran
    business owners to grasp that they either ignore it, dismiss it, or try
    some ‘cut and paste’ generic approach. But as you pointed out, the
    message, the placement and the strategy of purpose are paramount.

    Thanks for putting this in clear terms.

  • Todd Schnick

    Thanks for reading Scott. Sadly, these “veteran business owners” are overcomplicating things too. Being present online isn’t hard, there is no complicated strategy required to implement. It is just putting out content (aka: things you already know about) that helps and serves people. Easy…

  • http://www.facebook.com/theNetworkingMotivator Beth Bridges

    Yes, sometimes I just want to find a sign of their existence online. I may be generally aware of the business or product. I don’t need a sophisticated website, just a little more information. Perhaps a bit of humanity behind the product will make the difference between doing business with them or someone else.

  • Todd Schnick

    Beth, my dear friend, your line: “a bit of humanity” is the true key to sales. That’s why the networking style you preach is so damn effective, and how those who really get “social” media can thrive in sales….

  • Dan McDade

    Most companies selling a strategic solution cannot grow waiting for the market to come to them. Think about it. Are you willing to risk that prospects, particularly strategic prospects, are going to find you and wait around until you can read their digital body language before you act? If so, you are ceding a LOT of business to the competition. I am all for “Allbound”, but smart money is jumping off the “inbound is king, outbound is dead” bandwagon. Don’t wait for the music to stop. Logic should compel you to balance your investment – lest you find that you are too late, dealing with lower level decision makers AND driving smaller deals.

  • Todd Schnick

    hmmm, i like the phrase “digital body language.” i am going to have to steal that…

    thanks for reading and sharing dan. see you tomorrow!