Netflix for the business person

I was speaking at ProductCamp Atlanta recently, where I delivered a presentation on how to integrate podcasting into your product marketing.

In preparing for the presentation, I was wondering how to possibly interest people in podcasts who had never gotten into them before. And in this case, to a room full of product managers.

Here’s a thought that came to mind:

“Netflix for business people.”

I haven’t listened to the radio in my car in years. And I don’t listen to music when I drive to and from my studio, or other appointments. And I don’t like to make phone calls from the car. Instead?

I listen to podcasts. They are my Netflix. They are my entertainment. They are my continuing education. And I cannot get enough of them.

45 million

From 2012…

Unless you haven’t been paying attention, podcasting is more popular than ever. The ease with which people can consume audio and video content on their smart phone and tablets is the main driver. People’s consumption habits are clearly changing dramatically.

The purpose of this short essay isn’t necessarily to convince you to START YOUR OWN PODCAST, although nothing makes my day more than when people say they get value out of my various podcasts. To bring value to someone is, as you can imagine, quite rewarding.

No, the real purpose here is to ask you (beg you) to take FULL advantage of the wealth of amazing digital interactive content for free. I am beginning to believe that soon, the iTunes library will become the go to source for learning and information, more so than even the main search engines, and perhaps even Amazon.

Podcasts, like the internet as a whole, cover virtually any subject you could possibly be interested, not to mention the business, management, marketing, sales, and leadership development content readily available.

In fact, hop on board soon. Because like Netflix, the content will soon be so good and so impactful, that we will be paying a premium to listen to some of great stuff already available on iTunes…


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  • Michael D. Haberman, SPHR

    Any podcasts that you find to be particularly valuable?

  • Todd Schnick

    here are my favs:
    The Accidental Creative
    The Marketing Companion
    Marketing Over Coffee
    Psych Insights for Modern Marketers
    Six Pixels of Separation
    and of course, WTF with Marc Maron