My Intrepid Facebook Experiment, And 10 Hopeful Lessons Learned?

I have long resisted launching a Facebook fan page for Intrepid. The main reason? I just didn’t want to overextend myself and take on too many activities. It is enough to manage this blog…

But that said, I don’t think I am taking full advantage of the Facebook platform, and figured it was time to dive in and explore some possibilities. Couple that with my new MacBook (and built-in webcam) and I had my idea. So here is the new page and lessons (below) I hope to learn:

As I say in the intro video on the fan page, this will be very much an experiment. What do I hope to learn through this?

1. Will people be interested in seeing short videos, and responding to them in some way?

2. This will be a community specific to Facebook. The videos that I make there will ONLY be shown on that platform, and not shared on this blog, or on Twitter. Will this increase the value of the content?

3. Will there be some natural organic growth? I am not going to spend my days spamming and respamming people to join the fan page. I am hoping that if people find value here, they will share it with friends…

4. Will this actually foster some real dialog? This won’t be any fun if all that happens is me posting short videos from time to time…

5. I hope to encourage others to add their own thoughts on being intrepid marketers, and living an intrepid life. But will people actually add their own unique content?

6. Will this activity increase business opportunities? For me, and for those who engage here?

7. Will the activity here inspire new business ideas, or at least inspire new content to write about?

8. How much activity on the page will be the right amount? I don’t have time to post something every day, but hope to find the right amount of content that is informative and helpful to the community, but not too much…or too little.

9. Over time, will people be more interested in the business conversation? Or the dialog about living a more intrepid life?

10. I am curious if having a more active and engaging presence on Facebook brings in some new traffic to the blog itself…

Stay tuned, for I will keep you posted on how all this unfolds. And if you have any ideas/suggestions on ways you’ve learned to increase engagement on Facebook fan pages, please share!