My Holiday Facebook Transformation

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I began to feel uneasy about my Facebook strategy a while back now.

It started with the daily birthday task. You know how Facebook presents the list of your friends having their birthday?

I actually think this is a great thing, in that, Facebook provides a great tool to reconnect with people you know and care about on an important day. I love it.


My list of Friends was growing, and soon, I began to see people on my daily birthday listings, and didn’t know who they were.


Not really friends, are they?

This troubled me, and made me realize I was growing my list just for the sake of having a large list. And I didn’t like it.

So, I’ve begun the process of slowly removing people from my list of Facebook Friends that I don’t know. Amazing, in just removing about 75 people so far, my news feed is already brimming with updates and news from people I want to hear from, or haven’t seen anything from, in a long while.

It is a sad realization when you are scrolling (and scrolling) through reams of Facebook media, waiting (and hoping) to see something from a person you actually know. Pathetic.

Also, I’ve made a recent adjustment to my business page on Facebook too.

Here is my page if you are interested:

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For a long time, my Intrepid business page was dormant. But until recently, I’ve started to use my page as a way to sharing really good content, in addition to some of my own.

The intent is not to slam you with 40 updates a day, just two or three really relevant, and helpful articles and essays.

As you can see from the tracking above, it makes a difference. You can tell easily when I started to post this content.

But here’s the thing I want you to remember:

Don’t just post content for posting content’s sake. Your Facebook business, or “Fan” page, only impacts people when you do two things:

1. Share relevant and helpful content, yes.

2. But more importantly, when you engage with real people there. When they do or say something, talk with them about it. Ask questions, comment, agree, disagree, discuss.

What I’ve learned, and what thousands of others who market through their Facebook pages have learned, the amount of likes you have doesn’t really matter.

In fact, it matters not, other than for bragging rights, and that doesn’t put money in the bank.

No, what matters most is the people talking about you. The people who are actually engaging with you, talking with you, and sharing the content themselves.

You see this on Facebook pages all the time: 1,345 likes / 4 people talking about this

To repeat, most people care about the amount of likes. This is wrong and boneheaded. You want to worry about the people talking about you, and you want the amount of people to be much, much larger than…4.

That is the growing metric you should be striving for, and focusing on.

P.S. The stats section of your business/fan page, known as Insights, yields some really cool data and statistics, data you can actually export and study. Sadly, most people are doing NOTHING with that. Shame shame…


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  • Beth Bridges

    I think it’s a good strategy, Todd. I recently realized the same things: scrolling, scrolling… and missing the people I really wanted to see. Not quite ready to unfriend people, but I have been ruthless about unshowing people in the newsfeed. Wow, did Facebook not quite know what to do with my feed for a couple weeks. “Well, what DO you want to see?!”

    It’s working very well. And I’m unshowing more all the time. Tell the whole world about your family problems? Bye Tell people who don’t like whatever you said that they can f- off? Bye. Friended me but never commented, liked or messaged me? Bye. Post political comments that are only hate or insults (for either party)? Bye.

    Ahh… that’s better!

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah, i hear that. i will admit that some of the people removed did nothing but spew political hate (both sides). i was fed up with it. i don’t mind looking into the lives (no matter what they are posting), if they are people i care about and/or want to know a little better…