Miriam Salpeter On Intrepid Radio!

Miriam Salpeter

A real pleasure to welcome a good friend to Intrepid Radio, author Miriam Salpeter. She is a social media strategist for job seekers, job search coach and resume writer.

Miriam, who consults out of Keppie Careers, has just published a new book, Social Networking For Career Success! And she joined me to discuss that new book on the show.

We discussed the reasons she decided to write the book, why creating a personal brand is so important for a job search, the importance of “being” your brand online, the future of resumes, why people should act like a “human,” the importance of blogging, and, of course, the most common mistakes job seekers make utilizing social media.

If you are seeking a new job, you better listen to this interview…

You can purchase the book here (affiliate link):


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