Why I meditate, and why you should too

Todd SchnickIt’s funny, but there are certain people that when I tell them I meditate, they do in fact look at me strangely. Surprises me every time.

They honestly think I am weird.

Funny thing is, my newest company is having the best year of its existence, and I am on a path to exceed my entire 2014 sales goals by the end of this month.

Do you want to know why?


I kid you not.

Meditation makes me a better person, calms me, brings me peace, clears my mind when overwhelmed, and really brings down the stress level.

As a result, I am better at sales, at writing, at conducting my radio interviews, and doing all the other creative work my media company requires.

I often wonder if people think you have to be some Tibetan monk to meditate. I don’t shave my head, sit on some special pillow, cross my legs, or do that funky little holding my fingers together thing. See, I don’t even know what that move is called…

Nine times out of ten, I meditate sitting in my office chair. Or, sitting on the floor with a dog asleep and snuggled into me.

And I don’t do it for hours on end.

Most days I do it for five minutes. Fifteen minutes on some days. Several days a week, I do it when I need it, which means I meditate for five minutes a few times a day.

When I have task overwhelm and I can’t decide what project to start next, I get so stressed I can’t think clearly enough to make a decision on where to start.

This is usually when I find value in shutting down for five minutes, and meditating.

Most of the time, when done meditating, my mind is calm and clear and the decision on what to do next becomes easy.

This has been the biggest breakthrough for me with meditation. And it has changed my business.

How does it work? This is my simple process:

1. Close my eyes.

2. Be still.

3. And do nothing but focus on my breathing. In and out, in and out, in and out. When I exhale, I like to think it is all my demons and stresses exiting my body.

4. Do that for five minutes (Heck, for the first year I just did two minutes. Even that has impact).

Still, some people think this is hard. They’ll tell me: “Well, I get weird random thoughts, or I yawn a lot (so do I), or I get an itch on my nose, or the dogs bark, or I suddenly think of something I have to do…”

Guess what? You are doing it right!

Your mind isn’t shutting down when you meditate. All you are really doing is finally listening to your thoughts. This is the whole point. Getting some quiet so your mind can process what it needs to.

When you do get distracted, simply acknowledge the distraction, and then very consciously go back to focusing on your breathing.

When you start, you will get distracted a lot. This is ok. This is just how it works. I think you’ll find that the more you do it, the less you will get distracted. My mind still races while I meditate, but that no longer stresses me, and I calmly refocus on my breathing.

It’s that simple.

The great thing about this is that positive vibe I feel when I am done, similar to the elation I feel when I complete a run or a workout.

This simple daily reset has changed how I go through my CRAZY business days building my media company. And has enabled me to do better quality work.

This has obvious implications on the success and growth of my business.

Don’t look at me, or others who meditate, and think we are strange birds following some fru-fru Zen religion.

Instead, think of us as people achieving a little more control over their mind and thoughts. Think of us as smart and savvy businesspeople. ;-)

Now, I still get stressed, and still have my bad days. And my journey with meditation is still early. But I am excited to see how much more this will do for me.

I urge you to give it a try. Be patient though, it will feel strange at first. Soon however, you’ll embrace those very feelings…

And that’s when things are starting to get good!

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  • Harvey Gardner

    I also meditate and this is an excellent article about why and how to meditate. Thanks for keeping it simple.

  • Todd Schnick

    Well, thanks for reading. And yeah, that’s the thing: Too many people see this as hard, time-consuming, complex process when quite frankly, its simpleness is the real beauty…

  • Gareth Young

    Wow – you’re weird :-).

    Fantastic article, Todd – thanks. Above all thanks for your openness and honesty in putting this out there. This is really important stuff. (Maybe you are weird, but I am too, and you’re no more weird than anyone else I know!

  • Todd Schnick

    Gareth, thanks, as always, for the support. But methinks people like us won’t be weird for much longer…

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