Marketing Plan: Just Do It

photo by Pabo76 on flickr

photo by Pabo76 on flickr

So I just decided to compete in a half-marathon next Thanksgiving day, 2010.

A slew of friends competed yesterday, and I found myself feeling guilty and fat because I was sitting on my fanny watching a parade…

Not anymore. Next year, I am ticking off an item from Todd’s dream list…

So, I immediately set out to do some planning and plotting to slowly, methodically prepare myself for this run. And it got me thinking about crafting your marketing plan for the upcoming year.

There are many similarities:

One, you have to set a goal: My RUNNING goal is to compete in a half-marathon on Thanksgiving day, 2010. What is your MARKETING goal? Is it to double sales? Triple the amount of units sold? Think long and hard about what your goal should be, and commit it to paper. And don’t forget – it is very important to have a deadline, an end point, a completion point. This is essential.

Two, you need to plan and time line: My RUNNING goal now consists of an exercise plan – a day-by-day schedule with certain steps I need to complete to make progress towards the goal. 30 minute walk on day one, 35 minute walk on day three, 30 minute run/walk on day ten, etc. Your MARKETING goal should consist of the same thing, although this time with a list of specific tasks to complete on a schedule. This can include writing blog post on day one, set lunches with three prospects on day two, spend 30 minutes answering questions on twitter/facebook, writing ad copy on day four, etc.

Three, you need to have the right equipment: My RUNNING effort will require the right equipment, such as the right running shoes, ones that will actually fit my exact body specs, such as pronation. Your MARKETING effort needs the same thing. Is Twitter right for you? Magazine advertisements in the right niche journals? Networking to to the right niche groups, etc.?

Four, you need to take in the right diet: My RUNNING regimen will consist of a new dietary plan. Between you and me, I will have to throw out my entire crap diet. I will need to focus on eating the right complex carbs, lean proteins, enough water, etc. For your MARKETING effort, you need to keep learning. You need to read the right diet of books, appropriate blogs, and get your fill of leadership development books that inspire and motivate you. [Note: you can review the right sidebar and see my recommendations found on Amazon]

Five, you need to team up with a partner to motivate and guide you: As of this moment, I get winded walking to the fridge to load up on snacks. And I don’t know a thing about running, training, and/or the appropriate dietary strategy. I am going to need experienced friends and partners. A mere tweet on twitter and I found several friends willing to help. It is no different with your MARKETING. You should bring on a marketing consultant, business and/or life coach, and/or at least join a mastermind group to help guide you and inspire you along the way. We all need this to help keep us on track…

I will report on my progress along the way. I anticipate many near-death experiences along the way. But I know my support network will help me achieve my goals! And that I will learn a whole lot of new stuff…

And I expect the same thing with my HALF MARATHON goals too!

Good luck, and Be Intrepid!