Email marketing: Missed opportunities that cost you profit

Hugh MacLeodMost people are trying to figure out how to sell using the latest social channels.

While at the same time, most people are missing the boat with the most powerful digital tool at their disposal…email marketing.

Just in the past two weeks, I’ve had a few situations where there were missed opportunities. Such as:

1. We needed to get some work done on the furnace in our new house. So, we reached out to a company, and got something scheduled. They came, did their thing, and left. And we’ve heard nary a word since. Why wouldn’t they ask us to join a mailing list to learn about home maintenance, and other tips and tricks to keep our home in good shape?

2. I promoted a wine on Facebook the other day. Some of my favorite stuff, and a future guest on my food + wine podcast. But why wouldn’t they invite me personally to join a mailing list about their product, and other ancillary products and events?

3. I’ve talked with two organizations about doing some web design work for some clients of mine recently. Why wouldn’t they invite me to join a mailing list to learn more about web design, and other tips and tricks about how to maintain and upgrade your website, as well as showcase other tools that I should consider?

4. I’ve asked two companies to give me a quote on lawn maintenance and weed control. As requested, both sent me a quote. And nothing else. Why wouldn’t they invite me to a mailing list to learn tips and tricks about how to better maintain my lawn and landscaping?

Yeah, you might say “Well Todd, since you’ve already initiated conversation with these organizations, why oh why do they need to bother marketing to you any more?”

Because I have a lot going on, and I am busy, and I’d want to keep on my radar. Or, there is a lot of noise, and I’d want to take initiative to stay top of mind. Or, there are plenty of organizations that ARE reaching out to people, and I wouldn’t want to lose my attention to them.

Because losing my attention costs you future profit.

Look, email marketing is a very effective tool, but you already know this. Sending content regularly to people who have given you permission, is the most impactful marketing you can do. But you already know this.

You just aren’t doing it. Get started. Or you will lose to someone who is doing it. Simple.


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[see what I did there?]

Drawing by Hugh.

  • Marc Zazeela

    Todd – So true. When someone opens the door a crack, why let it close again? Opportunities as you have outlined are perfect ways to grow your network of customers and advocates. And, it costs NOTHING!


  • Todd Schnick

    yeah marc, no doubt. and that’s the frustrating thing. it costs NOTHING (but a little time)… thanks for reading!

  • Beth Bridges

    Why don’t they?

    1) Maybe they think it’s too selly-sell (because that’s how they do everything)
    2) Maybe they don’t have a mailing list (gasp!)
    3) Maybe because they don’t realize how very valuable it is
    4) Maybe they don’t think they’ll get any sales off of it.

    Whew… now that I list those out, they are a pretty good argument for how much marketing they are missing.

    PS. I’m very assertive in asking people if I can add them to our email invite list.

  • Todd Schnick

    beth, my comments:

    1. of course it is selly-sell if you are hard-core selling. if you are helping people and providing helpful knowledge, the selling will take care of itself.
    2. sadly, this is all too common.
    3. because they aren’t doing it right, or doing it enough. if your mailing list finds you very helpful, they will look forward to daily emails.
    4. they won’t, if they are selly-sell hard-core in-your-face-selling…

    thanks beth, as always, for contributing…