Look For The Off Broadway Gems…

OK. I am like you. I subscribe to all the A-List bloggers too. You know, the ones who get 4,000 retweets for every post they publish. And for the most part, it is well deserved.

The content you find there is often stellar material. And worth reading. These are the people headlining most conferences, getting published, featured in all the hot interviews…

Like I said, well deserved.

But what is the really cool part about the social web? Finding thousands of blogs that are mostly under the radar. Trust me, there is great content out there. Pure gold. Thought-provoking content. New angles on well-discussed subjects. Humor. Sass. And yeah, world-changing ideas too…

It just seems most of us aren’t finding it.

Funny thing is, I scan about 250 blogs per day on my RSS reader, and a heavy majority of those are blogs flying under the radar. On average, most of them get about five retweets per post. This is a shame. I sometimes think we believe that content without a lot of retweets isn’t worthy of sharing.

Or, do we perhaps NOT share great a post because we don’t want to be one of just a small handful of folks sharing the content? I wonder if this happens. I sometimes catch myself thinking that. I promise to stop.

I also wonder if we are more likely to share the content of people NOT in our direct geographical space. Most of my retweets come from people who live far away from me. Or does it just seem that way? Do you observe this? Are locals less likely to share content because they perceive fellow locals as competition? I don’t know. I wonder about it though.

But I promise to make a much more concerted effort to share the little gems that don’t get much attention. Some believe the best art produced on Broadway is OFF of it. And that’s true. I have seen some “Off Broadway” plays – and they are in fact, outstanding.

Sure, it is cool to see the big famous productions. Those rarely disappoint. And it is fun to see the stars.

But sometimes “Off Broadway” gives you that fresh, new perspective you need. And there can be a lot of joy in discovering new talent, the future stars.

They can change the world too…

So join me. Make it a goal to share one new “Off Broadway” blog each week. Help bring fresh content, new ideas, new talent, to the front of the stage. We will all benefit!

[cartoon by @gapingvoid]

  • Todd

    I'm in!

  • tschnick

    Thanks Todd. In fact, I almost listed your blog as one example of a blog that deserves a wider audience. I chose to not list any, because I didn't want to leave anyone out…

  • http://twitter.com/StephanieALloyd Stephanie A. Lloyd

    This might be long so I apologize in advance. I do not mean to hijack your blog! :-)

    Maybe I'm the exception here, but I find my “RT” behavior the exact opposite of what you describe above.

    My decision to retweet or otherwise share a blog post or article online has NOTHING to do with how many times it's already been RTd or shared…UNLESS I notice that it's already been shared hundreds or thousands of times.

    Whether it's been RTd or shared 0 or 96 times…if I find something interesting and I think others who are “following” me may also find it of interest, I am going to share it.

    My exception to this would be if I see that the article or post has been shared hundreds or thousands of times. Then I may be more reluctant to share it, because I'll assume that most people have already seen it and I'm just late to the party.

  • tschnick

    Well, I think perhaps you are the exception. The reason I wonder is that, at least in my RSS reader, a post has either a thousand retweets, or three…

    I almost wish we could get rid of the counts on these share tools. I think it negatively impacts behavior. Just like there was some discussion about deleting the number of followers you have on Twitter, as people make decisions on who to follow based on whether they are “popular” or not…

    If you think a post has meaning and value, share it…A-list or Not…

  • http://twitter.com/StephanieALloyd Stephanie A. Lloyd

    Yep. I'm all for it.

    Who cares.

    Oh, unless you're a sheep…

  • tschnick

    Too many sheep out there…

  • thebaumgroup

    We're in :-)

    Thought you might want to know Todd…
    Context rather than content was one of the “gems” I took away from Lead Management Focus' Free Live Webinar Series yesterday to “Make Every Lead Count” – have contact information if interested – Dr. Rae for The Baum Group {DrRae@YourStressMatters.com}

  • http://insightsandingenuity.com heatherrast

    It sounds like you're speaking of unsung heroes of sorts, and I think that's both generous and admirable of you. Sometimes the flashier package (post or tweet from a “known entity”) can lead you quickly to what's likely a score for time-starved info-seekers. I'm guilty of that; it's like going to the pizza place you know vs. trying the one you've only heard about. But to your point, you can miss some real gems that way, and I'll bet many of us feel that way at times. Thanks for the encouragement to boost someone else up!

  • tschnick

    Thanks for joining the cause!

    And yes, send me a link!

  • tschnick

    The pizza example is perfect. Life is more exciting when you try something new and it is magic. I think too many people are afraid of having a poor experience. But I think that makes life richer too…

    Thanks for stopping by!