Living A Meaningful Life: An Intrepid Radio Special Edition with The Minimalists

Ryan and Joshua


The book on minimalism that I’ve been looking for… one to help people finally understand what this movement is really about. Written by my friends Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known as The Minimalists.

On this show, Joshua and Ryan join me to talk about their latest book, Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life. This isn’t, however, a book about minimalism from the standpoint of owning less than 100 things, without a car or living a life in solitary.

This is a very personal and transparent account about stripping away life’s excess to focus on the five things that matter most towards living a happy, meaningful life: health, relationships, passions, personal growth and contribution.

I’ve created a list of people I am sending this book to. You will too…

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