How To Handle The “Your Point Man Has Left The Company” Call

Hugh MacLeodI got the dreaded call today, from one of my best clients, one I’ve been serving since late Summer 2011…

I got the phone call that my main contact, my point man, my client anchor…has left the company.


To those of you who have experienced this phone call, it is scary, as you well know. Because, it usually results in one of two outcomes:

1. “We love what you are doing, and we intend to keep you around!”


2. “Now that “he” is gone, we will evaluate our situation during this transition period, and we’ll be in touch when the dust settles.”

This latter option, as you know, generally means… “Take a hike kiddo! I never thought hiring you was a good decision anyways…”

Fortunately, I heard the former from the gentlemen put in the place of my former main contact.

This is a scenario that is very real, and in today’s uncertain and mobile business environment, very common. So, I thus present my detailed list on how to overcome this dreaded scenario:

1. Just do the frickin’ job you were hired to do, and do it well.
1.5. And over deliver.

That’s it. It is that simple.

But seriously…

1. Do your job, and do it well.
1.5. And over deliver (I am serious about this one).
2. Communicate.
3. Fix problems when they happen. Without bitching about it.
4. Show love to the WHOLE FRICKIN’ team…not just your point man.
5. Put the interests of your client first, and don’t worry about your own hide.

Do these five (and a half) things, and I assure you that you will be in fine shape when your main contact departs the organization. Do those five things, and your future will be secured. Things will sort themselves out the way you want them to!


Strike that…

You have to put on your big boy pants and realize that sometimes, internal turmoil such as this will result in you losing the business. EVEN IF you do great work. Most of the time, it is nothing personal, it is just business. And, as much as I hate to say it, sometimes business isn’t fair.

Sorry to state the facts pal.

But if all your eggs are in the basket of one point of contact (whose future YOU DON’T CONTROL…), you have other issues and problems.

So, in summation, just do amazing work. And even if you lose in the short-term, you will win in the long-term.


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Drawing by Hugh.