How to kick ass (in 2013). Now in audio format!

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Jeez, just realized my podcast audience never got to enjoy the “How To Kick Ass in 2013!” video project I launched just before the turn of the year. Shame on me.

In case you missed it, here is the video I am talking about:

Hugh MacLeodSo, simple goal here is to present the audio version for those who want to have it, and for those who subscribe to my podcast, and never heard it.

[Great to have it while working out, on the train, or stuck in traffic on the way to work!]

I’ve got a little routine that I do at the first of each month, and it includes viewing this video. My friends offer some great advice, and I like to see if I am keeping true to the things they are suggesting.

And yes, I am already planning the 2014 version, which I will get into production much earlier than the 2013 version did. So, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please email them to me.

So, I hope you enjoy – and learn something from – the video. And oh, I hope you share it with someone who could benefit from it…


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Drawing by Hugh.