Julien Smith on IntrepidTV: The Flinch

Julien Smith

I read 36 books this year. And Julien Smith’s The Flinch provided the bitch slap I needed to wake up and change my entire approach towards 2012. It was a pleasure to welcome him to IntrepidTV.

Highlights from our conversation, and why you should download this book:

1. Julien explains what The Flinch is — a moment of panic when you are about to do something new, or do something you’ve been told NOT to do. The purpose of the book is to help you fight that instinct.

2. You have to forcefully deprogram yourself from instinctual habits. And most of you won’t, and that is why you settle.

3. We have to relearn the process of experimentation. Our instincts, and our culture, teach us not to.

4. Julien explains that we, as a species, have stopped evolving. This is very dangerous both as people, and as organizations.

5. We box ourselves in, and we never seek to break out of the box. When you test yourself, and ignore The Flinch, you grow the size of your box, and your world expands. This is how you grow.

6. Julien explains that we are in a toxic decision-making environment. We, and our culture, our set up to fail. We knowingly make poor decisions. And we accept it. And in the end, we hate ourselves for it. This is what The Flinch does to us.

7. We talk about the power, and the necessity of “one-star reviews,” and why we should celebrate them.

8. Julien suggests that we have to polarize more.

9. To win the fight against The Flinch, Julien suggests “you have to be an asshole to yourself.” You have to ask yourself, why are you settling?

I didn’t plan it this way. But for me, reading Julien’s book, and participating in this interview, was an eye-opening way to end 2011 and launch 2012. I hope you get the same benefit.

You can check out Julien’s blog here, and learn more about The Flinch here. Lastly, you can download The Flinch for FREE below: