Joshua Fields Millburn – Days After The Crash

A pleasure to welcome back Joshua Fields Millburn to the show. He joins me to discuss the launch of his latest work, Days After The Crash. In a special treat, Joshua also reads an excerpt from the book!


1. Joshua is best known for his essays at The Minimalists, where he writes about minimalism and living with less stuff. But the new book, Days After the Crash, is literary fiction. We discuss the shift from nonfiction to literature.

2. Joshua says that fiction feeds another side of his writing that maybe The Minimalists does not.

3. As a special request, Joshua reads an excerpt from Chapter One in the book.

4. The book’s foreword is brief but it tells a lot about Joshua, especially the foreword’s final paragraph, which suggests that much of this book is autobiographical. I asked if his fiction, in fact, is autobiographical.

5. We discussed what Joshua hoped to accomplish in writing this book.

6. I noticed a few reoccurring themes in this book: the number 8 appears a lot, and there’s a line that appears twice, seemingly bookending a large chunk of the book. That line is, “People don’t know how to love the ones they love until they disappear from their lives.” Joshua explains these recurring elements of his book.

7. This book is published by Asymmetrical Press, a publishing company and community that he and Ryan Nicodemus (the other minimalist) recently founded with Colin Wright and Thom Chambers. We discussed why did he decided to embark on this journey into the publishing world.

8. Learn more about Joshua Fields Millburn, his writings, and The Minimalists.

You can get the book here (affiliate link):


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