Jonathan Fields on IntrepidTV: Author of Uncertainty

As you know from reading this blog, I believe there is a creative in ALL of us. The problem is, most people DON’T create anything because they feel uncertain: uncertain that anyone will appreciate their work, uncertain that their work will be good enough, uncertain that they have it in them to make something meaningful in the first place. And most important, uncertain how to proceed when the going gets tough…

Thank goodness for Jonathan Fields, and his latest book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance. If you do any type of creative work (and believe me, we ALL do), you will both enjoy this video and get real value from Jonathan’s book (which you can purchase below). Learn more about the book here.

Some critical highlights from our conversation:

1. Jonathan explains why he wrote the book: to help people with the “creative jones” to not suffer through the process.

2. Jonathan talks about the creative in all of us, and that there are largely two types of creatives: big idea vs. execution. Which one are you?

3. We discuss the value of leaning into uncertainty, and why most people will not. Will you?

4. Jonathan explains the difference between the fixed and the growth mindsets. This segment is worth your time…whether you are raising children and/or supervising employees and teams.

5. We talk about the importance of deliberate practice with intense focus, and why it is so hard for most people to achieve. And why most people are average…

6. Finally, we discuss the changing world of publishing, and how if you are a writer, there has never been a more exciting time. Jonathan informs us about his Tribal Author organization.

You can purchase Uncertainty below (affiliate link):