Jeff Goins on Intrepid Radio: On Writing and Creativity

Jeff Goins

Joined in the studio recently by Jeff Goins, author, writer, and blogger. You can learn more about Jeff here. Here, you can also download some great manifestos and other materials.

On the episode, Jeff and I discussed the following subjects:

1. How to be a professional writer…and yet not devote full-time to the craft of writing. And despite that, still get book deals, build a large audience, and make a difference.

2. The debate about whether we are ALL creatives, or artists in our own way. Perhaps creativity is something that is obvious to you, but brilliant to someone else…

3. Steve Pressfield’s notion of “the professional,” and what it takes to turn pro. And how you have to turn pro in your head first…

4. The mindset of an author and a creative. And how finding passion in the work you are doing is essential to generate the ideas you write about and create.

5. Content marketing for sales and marketing is all about helping people, adding value, doing it well, and connecting with an audience.

6. Is the practice of writing effortless? Maybe, maybe not. But the key is to show up. And the more you work on a craft, the easier it becomes. It is no different with writing and creativity.

7. Guest posting, meaningful networking, and sincerely trying to get to know people — are three keys to building an audience.

Jeff’s book, Wrecked, will be published later this year. We look forward to having him back to discuss it!


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