Guy Kawasaki: How Even YOU Can Be A Writer – And Why!


A pleasure to welcome back Guy Kawasaki to the show! Guy is the best-selling author of 12 books, including his latest, APE: How To Publish A Book. And that was the purpose of our conversation today…

Guy KawasakiOn the show, topics discussed included:

1. Publishing is simple, but it isn’t easy. Guy wanted to write a book that walks you through step-by-step how to self-publish.
2. Is there still a stigma attached to self-publishing? Guy says no, and that in fact we are artisanal publishers (aka artists)!
3. To self-publish, you have to be three things: author, publisher, and entrepreneur. And Guy shares which is actually the hardest of the three…
4. We spend considerable time on why you should write a book: enriching lives, intellectual challenge, furthers an idea or cause, and powers your brand in ways you cannot imagine.
5. What holds people back from writing a book? Guy breaks down the common roadblocks, and how to overcome them.
6. The common mistakes people make when self-publishing.

If you have ever wanted to write your own book, fiction or non-fiction, you will value this conversation and benefit from Guy’s book!

You can learn more about APE here, and you can purchase the book below (affiliate link):


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This is episode 77.

  • Mars Dorian

    Luv how I learned something new here – I listend to a lot of APE – related interviews, but this one give something I haven’t heard before. Thanx for that, Todd !

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks for listening mars… and yeah, i learned something too…