20 things your prospects do intentionally to piss you off

Hugh MacLeodYour sales prospects can be a frustrating bunch. Sometimes they:

1. Sometimes they don’t return your phone call.

2. Sometimes they won’t reply to your email.

3. Sometimes they won’t acknowledge receiving your care package of reading material.

4. Sometimes they won’t watch your video.

5. Sometimes they won’t view your Slideshare deck.

6. Sometimes they won’t answer your text message.

7. Sometimes they will be “on the other line.”

8. Sometimes they are “in a meeting.”

9. Sometimes they won’t respond to your LinkedIn message.

10. Sometimes they won’t say thank you for the birthday card.

11. Sometimes they won’t “Like” when you share one of their Facebook posts.

12. Sometimes they won’t say thanks when you retweet something of theirs on Twitter.

13. Sometimes they won’t listen to your podcast.

14. Sometimes they won’t subscribe to your mailing list.

15. Sometimes they won’t meet a deadline.

16. Sometimes they won’t send you the information they promised to send.

17. Sometimes they won’t follow-up on the agreed upon action items.

18. Sometimes they won’t even acknowledge your hand-written note.

19. Sometimes they won’t read, let alone comment on, your latest blog post.

20. And sometimes they might even forgot that they talked to you in the first place.

But know this: sometimes they will. And you’ll know that your work made a difference.

You don’t always know what is going on in the life of your prospect. You’ve NO idea the battles they are facing internally, the demons they are battling personally, or the pressures they are facing from superiors.

So, don’t take it personally that they don’t acknowledge your actions. It’s not that they don’t like you. Their To Do list is as long as yours. They probably aren’t ready to respond to you yet.

Be patient. Keep sending helpful content to make them better and achieve higher levels of understanding.

Yeah, it would be great if your prospects responded to every heartfelt, thoughtful, sincere means of communication and education you send along.

But sometimes they won’t.

Trust me, they aren’t intentionally trying to piss you off. They are human, doing the best they can. They aren’t perfect…

…like you.


To get more into my “human” approach to sales, check out my book, The Zen of Sales:

Drawing by Hugh.