Instant Podcasts. Just Add Water.

Just making a simple point…

…about how simple it is to generate a podcast to educate your marketplace.

I will publish this post at 115pm on Monday, January 16, 2012.

I started this post at 12:50pm.

Using your smartphone, of which most have a voice recorder or voice memo tool, I recorded a short three-minute piece of audio content. I then did the following:

1. Emailed the file to myself.
2. Uploaded the m4a file to iTunes.
3. With a mouse click, converted the file to an mp3 file.
4. Uploaded the file to my hosting service, although for small media files like this, you don’t really need a hosting service.
5. Synched the file to my wordpress blog using a free plug-in called Powerpress.
6. Wrote 130ish words of supporting copy.
7. Hit publish.
8. Boom. Instant podcast.

No more excuses guys, in sharing meaningful ideas with your audience…

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