I Am The Only Guy NOT On Pinterest; And Other Breaking News

Yes, that is the smokin' hot Jake Ryan...

Yes. Tis true. I am not on Pinterest.

Based on what I am observing on my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ streams, I believe I am the only one who has NOT opened an account.

Funny thing is, the Sun still came up this morning.

The world is still turning.

Look, I am not dissing Pinterest. From everything I’ve heard, it sounds like a wicked cool tool.

But hey, I have a business to run. Clients to serve. A book to write. Radio shows to edit and produce. I am a busy guy.

I don’t have time to look at collections of baseball diamonds, glassware, wedding images, cute shmutzy animal pics. Man, I wish I did, but I just don’t.

I am not suggesting there isn’t a business application for Pinterest. If there is any marketing utility to sharing some sort of visual portfolio, then Pinterest might be a cool app for you. And you are an idiot to not check it out and explore it.

But not me.

At least yet.

Why do we act like teenagers succumbing to cliquey pure pressure to simply HAVE TO sign up for the newest thing?

And you know, my simple message here is to say this:

You aren’t a loser if you too aren’t on Pinterest yet. In fact, most of us still suck at effectively utilizing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook to grow our business, much less new shiny objects like Pinterest.

Why don’t you figure out first how to move the needle with Twitter before you rush to the front of the line and sign-up for the latest toy? Where you are very likely connecting with the same damn people you are connecting with on every other social network…

I remember a guy mocking me because I hadn’t signed up for Quora yet. Well, I did. And I admit, it was a cool space. Very helpful. And I haven’t been there since October.

Focus your time where it moves the needle. And serves clients.

Then, and only then, can Toddy come out to play…

P.S. When I grabbed the screen shot of the Pinterest home page to share on this post, I saw the Jake Ryan image. So, honestly, I may reconsider and get on Pinterest right away. Jake is so damn cute…


[isn’t it time to join a cool family of intrepid marketers? i say yes]