I am the danger

Todd SchnickWhy are you so afraid to ask for the sale?

I mean, honestly. I run into far too many timid salesmen.

You will have a long, fruitless, miserable existence if you are both in sales and a scaredy cat.

For the record, by no means am I suggesting you should be reckless.

I am suggesting, however, that you should be bold. Fearless. Intrepid. And you should go after what you want. Get after it. Want it. Grab it. Take it…

…especially if you know what you are offering is really in the best interest of the prospect.

I knew a guy who dabbled in fundraising. Turns out, he was an unmitigated failure at fundraising. Why?

He never actually asked anyone for a contribution.

True story.


Promise. I am telling the truth.

He played all kinds of games, spent countless hours scheming some cool programs and campaigns, promised to (re)donate back a portion of his fee to demonstrate his commitment to the cause…

…he talked a big game. But never actually asked anyone for a contribution.

This is a classic tortoise and hare scenario. Even the unarticulate slog, who makes some asks, will raise more cash than the guy who doesn’t ask for the sale.

I recall my fundraising days from my crazy political career: The number one reason people don’t give political contributions?

They are never asked.

So what does this have to do with Walter White’s quote above?

This is the attitude I want salesmen to have.

“I am the danger.”

I am the guy who will change your life. I am the guy who will solve your damn problem. I am the guy offering the solution that will force a paradigm shift.

And I know it.

I am the danger.

This is confidence. This is fearlessness. This is asking for the sale and winking, knowing that if they say no…

…they are making the poor decision. They are missing out. They are opting out of the thing that might just change their life.

Steve Jobs said we should all strive to put a dent in the universe.

And he was viciously mocked for having this attitude. Even by people in his own organization.

But they aren’t the ones authors are writing books about. They aren’t the ones having films made about them.

Be the danger. Ask confidently for the sale.

They are the ones with something to lose.


To learn more about my take on sales, check out my book: The Zen of Sales!

  • brian switzer

    Awesomness. I really never understood call reluctance. James Shepherd says, “If you were giving away the cure for cancer or stacks of hundred dollar bills, would you be reluctant to talk to people about it?” If you don’t believe that what you provide a business is just as important to them as a cure is to a cancer victim or a stack of hunskies is to a poor person, you’re not going to be the danger. Get out. Or learn to make it that vitally important.

  • Todd Schnick

    great quote from james, thanks for sharing that brian. oftentimes, if you stink at sales, it is usually because you don’t believe in your product. what a miserable existence….

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