• http://blog.b2bcommunications.com Rebekah Donaldson

    I agree. Narcissistic tweeters and bloggers get the boot from me faster than anyone else. Get over yourself. I’d love to name some names here, but don’t want to give in to another no-no: blogging wrath.

  • http://www.chadrothschild.com Chad Rothschild


    I totally agree that 90% of the world does not get it. This whole medium goes against every normal thought we have in our society.

    You are personal branding your thoughts, not “you”. You can not ordain yourself, it is only what others think of you and how they perceive you in their “world”. Good to you may be different than my good.

    The best thing to do is to talk about solutions that keep your target market await at night. Talk about the bigger topic that you, your product or service is around.

    Chad Rothschild