Does Your Customer Really Care?

Life is busy. Is Your Customer Paying Attention?

So you have a new idea. A new product. A new offering. Some new innovation that you are convinced will change the way your market, your customers, and your prospects will think of you and your organization. Maybe it is the spark that brings new energy and vigor to get you up in the morning.

And that’s important.

But does your customer really care?

Is this something that excites you? Or is this something that really will affect positive change on the life of your customer?

Honestly, the latest idea, the latest shiny object, the latest application may have you all hot and bothered…

But does your customer really care?

Remember this: your customer isn’t sitting around the phone or the laptop waiting to hear about your latest wild idea. Instead, they have a nervous stomach worried about paying the mortgage, meeting payroll, getting Sally to school on time, or perhaps dreaming about doing something more meaningful with their life…

Does your customer really care about your latest idea?

Maybe…maybe not. But instead of just unleashing a flurry of ideas and content on the “next best thing” to change your customer’s lives, involve them in the creation. Seek feedback. Co-create with them. In fact, a smart business person will gauge interest in the new idea before it hatches, to see if the marketplace is even interested.

And even then I can’t promise they will suddenly embrace your new idea. But you have a fighting chance now.

All I am asking is to just be cognizant of the fact that people have busy, distracted lives. So don’t get discouraged when you unveil the big idea and it falls on deaf ears. The world is a big place, with lots going on. And you are competing for mind share against the stack of bills on your customer’s table…

Be aware. And takes steps accordingly!


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  • Nancy Bistritz

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one, Todd. Too often, companies are focused on the next big thing, but don’t (No. 1): Have a good sense of who their customers are in the first place, or (No. 2): Have a sense – at all – of what their true pain points are. In 2011, if you don’t know your customer and what makes him/her tick, you’re really just throwing spaghetti against the wall in terms of “solutions” you come up with.

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  • Anonymous

    Bullseye! Ask your customers first, what would you like to see from us? … way before spending time and energy creating products and services that you think they might want! Great post Todd!

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks nancy. good to hear from you.

    and yeah, too focused on the next big thing, and not focused enough on the things that got the customers in the first place.

    not saying innovation isn’t important, but move through those waters carefully and thoughtfully…

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks joe. “ask your customers…”

    why is there so little of that being done?

  • Joe

    Perhaps because it would be cheaper and big-cat marketing execs empires would shrink? This is not even minimalism, just common sense.

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah. you are right. why are people so fearful of change???