Instant Manifesto: On distractions and focus

Hugh MacLeodI am a minimalist, who believes in simple living.

And yet, like many of you, my life remains too full of meaningless distractions.

I meditate daily, in an attempt to silence the noisy demons that plague even normal people on a day-to-day basis. It helps. But I need more.

I know this. And like many of you, I often struggle with how to combat this problem.

It impacts things. It harms your ability to run a business. It harms your ability to concentrate on sales. It harms your ability to focus on the important relationships in your life.

So easy to get caught up in the noise. So easy to get caught up in the endless tasks that plague the average life. So easy to let the priorities of others distract you from what you know to be truly important.

I know this. We know this.

But yet, this still plagues us. Most of us. 99% of us.

This little manifesto is a reminder to you and me that we need to frequently force a mindset shift, a reevaluation of our priorities:

Are we focusing on the right stuff, or are we distracted by unimportant details (rethinking time management and GTD)?

Are we blindly updating a database, or are we strategically educating and helping (rethinking sales)?

Are we futzing away online, or are we moving important business relationships forward (rethinking social media)?

Are we consumed by business tasks that look good crossed off the To Do list, or are we focusing on the really important work, the work that feeds your soul and puts money in your pocket to care for your family (rethinking running your business)?

I am at a crossroads in my business and life, and I need to evaluate and rethink all of these things, and confirm my focus is where it needs to be. This is an exercise that needs to happen more often. Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly depends on what you need.

But it probably needs to happen more often than it is currently happening, if at all.

The clearer path that will result leads to clarity, peace, and more purpose. And that’s a really good thing…


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Drawing by Hugh.