Continuing Education Is Critical to Sales And Marketing Success

Todd SchnickSo, I set a goal to read a book a week in 2010. I didn’t make it.

I set a goal to read a book a week in 2011. I didn’t make that one either.

I set the same goal again for 2012. And this year? Success!

And wow! What fun. And what a boost to my:

My creativity.
Discovering new ideas.
Finding discipline.
Improving my critical thinking.
And confidence (I am a slow reader, so accomplishing this is important to me).

These things all made me better…better as a person, as a marketer, and as a business owner.

And let me just say, I’d recommend you do this too. Here are the books I completed in 2012.

It isn’t hard, you just have to commit to it. And most can’t do that…

If you want to improve in sales, marketing, and business, you need continuing education.

There are countless ways to keep learning: internet courses, email lists, podcasts, video series, blogs, and of course, reading books. My continuing ed also includes scanning and reading about 200 blogs at any given time. Plus, I subscribe to a handful of mailing lists that provide continued learning as well.

Things are changing at a rapid pace. New ideas, new theories, new technology, new authors, new books, and on and on and on. You cannot be complacent, and rely on past learning. You will fall behind…quickly.

Because trust me, someone else complaining about limited time is still doing it…and pulling ahead of you in skill and knowledge.

You have to keep up. You have to keep sharp. You have to keep your edge. Reading and focusing on your continued education is so vital to growing in your business.

Time to commit to reading and learning in a more disciplined way in 2013. Good luck!


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