Colin Wright on Intrepid TV!

Serial entrepreneur, minimalist, world traveler, author and publisher Colin Wright joins me on this special edition of Intrepid Radio, the first edition of IntrepidTV. Colin blogs out of Exile Lifestyle, and recently published his latest book, My Exile Lifestyle.

Colin Wright

On today’s episode, Colin and I discussed his latest book; the lessons he learned from publishing this book and from running his publishing house, eBookling; minimalism and how most people have the wrong impression of it; the simple step one has to take to build a life, and a brand, worth talking about; and we discussed the thrill of his world travel adventures, and where he is going to next.

You can purchase Colin’s latest book here (affiliate link):


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  • Howdytom

    what an interesting guest  -  what a great interview

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks. colin was indeed an interesting guest…

    sent from todd schnick’s iPad…
    find him at, call him at 404.931.0969, or send him a tweet at @toddschnick

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