Colin Wright: Why you need to act accordingly

A pleasure to welcome Colin Wright back to the show. Colin is a publisher, entrepreneur, and author of the new book, Act Accordingly. [Reading via email? Click here to listen now!]

Colin Wright

[From Amazon] You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly. Act Accordingly is a philosophical framework written to help people become the best possible version of themselves. Rather than proposing a one-size-fits-all code of beliefs or behaviors, the ideas presented in this intentionally concise book encourage readers to question their long-held biases, their definition of confidence, their level of self-sustainability, and the degree to which they allow themselves to evolve their beliefs over time. There’s no time like the present to…act accordingly.

Key takeaways from our conversation:

1. “You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly.”
2. “A framework to become a better version of yourself.”
3. Why are we afraid to live a life that makes us happy?
4. Questioning some long-held biases.
5. Fear. And why it still holds most people back.
6. “Arrogance isn’t confidence, and introversion isn’t lack of confidence.”
7. Why too many people struggle to articulate their personal philosophy towards life, let alone living in accordance with one…
8. The importance of personal introspection to fully understand where you want to go.
9. “People don’t necessarily have to change anything, but they need to work to continue refining who they are.”

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This is episode 92.