Taja Dockendorf on Intrepid TV: Help Me Help You!


So begins the new series of marketing and branding conversations between myself and Taja Dockendorf. Taja is the principal and creative director of the marketing and branding shop Pulp + Wire, out of Portland Maine.

Today’s show: Help Me, Help You: How to Maximize the Working Relationship Between Client and Vendor!

Discussion topics include:

1. What makes a good client/vendor partnership? As Taja says, many clients don’t know what they want, but they just want to be better.

2. How to determine, and work towards, an appropriate marketing budget for your organization.

3. In discussing design and creation, Taja and I talk about how to truly develop your brand. This was one of my favorite discussions around branding ever…

4. We discuss the best ways for clients and vendors to work together, and to optimize the design and creation process.

5. We close with the importance of open communication being the engine behind powerful client/vendor partnerships…

Tune in next month for our next conversation!


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Announcing Shine A Light Radio!

We have just wrapped up our “Shine A Light” presentation as part of Social Media Atlanta Week.

It has been a fun experience as we prepared this conversation, and look forward to where this is going to go next (stay tuned – more to come).

But what we are really excited about is a new internet radio show co-hosted by myself and Robyn Cobb – Shine A Light Radio.

The goal? Simple. Shine a light on the good works of others, provide a forum for OTHERS to shine a light, and frankly, to demonstrate by practicing what we preach.

If you want to be a guest on the show to showcase something your company is doing to shine a light on others, you can EMAIL ME HERE. Stay tuned to this blog for more details, but plan on the show launching NOVEMBER 18th!

Shine A Light!

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[photo by david paul ohmer on flickr]

He Said She Said, Round 8 | Interruption Marketing = Evil

Interruption marketing…represents all that is bad about modern marketing. Being forced to watch commercial messages against your will is nowadays just. bad. marketing.

In this episode of He Said, She Said, Stephanie and I discuss some alternatives to interruption marketing. And, stick around to see a surprise ending!
A great thrill for us to have Chris Brogan join us for He Said, She Said. Thanks Chris, you are a class act!

Here is the original post on the He Said, She Said blog. Here is Stephanie’s version of the post from Radiant Veracity.

Miriam Salpeter, Chris Brogan, Stephanie Lloyd, Todd Schnick

Miriam Salpeter, Chris Brogan, Stephanie Lloyd, Todd Schnick

He Said, She Said – Round 6 – Multi-Dimensional Blogging

Last night, my colleague Stephanie A. Lloyd and I discussed the merits of multi-dimensional blogging. Stephanie’s question was inspired by our attendance the night before at Atlanta Bloggers…


Round 6 was filmed live at the inaugural Atlanta Red Shoe Project TweetUp at FuegoMundo South American Wood-Fire Grill.

Here is the Round 6 post direct from the He Said She Said blog. And here is Stephanie’s version of Round 6…