How Do You Fix The Chasm Between Marketing and Sales?

This was originally published on The Customer Collective, who sponsors the SalesChaosTV Show.

The divide between marketing and sales has existed for as long as there has been business. But why does it have to be that way? In last week’s show, I talk about why there really shouldn’t be two separate and very distinct departments that are naturally set up to conflict with one another. This, in my view, is poor org chart management…

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The Problems With Social Selling: Those Who Do It Wrong…And Right

Proud of be a part of SalesChaosTV team, with my co-host Dan Waldschmidt, and our producers and sponsor, The Customer Collective and Social Media Today.

This is episode 2 of the show. You can click through to original posting here.

On this episode, Dan and I talk about social selling. Too many people do it wrong… And only a few seem to do it right. We talk about both…what you can do to thrive with social selling, and we discuss what you are probably doing wrong….

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SalesChaosTV: Can You Trust A Social Media Expert?

Thrilled to be working with Social Media Today and crew on a new online video series, SalesChaosTV. Here is our first episode, first published here:

As we ramp up, the team plans to bring you one new episode each week. The goal: to stir up some conversation and debate around common, everyday issues around sales, marketing, business strategy and social media. However, we intend to be extreme, unconventional, in-your-face, contrarian… In other words, to make you think and act differently about this subject matter.

In fact, you are welcome to email questions and subjects you want us to cover here.

Todd and Dan

A thrill to partner with Dan Waldschmidt on this project. Dan is my kind of guy…edgy conversations, extreme strategy, and a writer, blogger, speaker and distance runner like myself. It will be a riot working with him on this project: an edgy, extreme dude with outrageous vision mixed with someone focused on living and working intrepid.

[Editor’s note: I will, as often as I remember, publish the SalesChaosTV videos here on Intrepid. But, they will be published first, and exclusively, on the Social Media Today family of sites. Stay tuned here to see the freshest new content…]

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