Why You Need The Energy For Success

The latest conversation in the Todd and Taja video series, with Taja Dockendorf, principal out of Pulp + Wire. Today, we turn the tables, and Taja leads the conversation about how she and I conduct the discovery process with our clients.


1. Taja and I discuss how each of us go through an initial discovery process with our respective clients, in order to get a sense of who they are, and what they want to become. And thus, how each of us can best serve them.

2. “Why are you in business? What is your purpose? What is your mission? What’s the story about you and your business?”

3. Both Taja and I attempt to spend time with the organization’s customers, in an attempt to get a sense of what our client’s brand means to them. From this, we can see where we need to go from there, whether that is a corrective measure, or if things are on the right track.

3.5. And frankly, if an organization can’t ask themselves – and their customers — these hard questions, they cannot improve and innovate over the long-term. We stress the importance of daily self-examination…

4. We both agree that an organization has to be willing to change. And that they have to be willing to put everything on the table, or the working relationship will most likely be unfruitful.

5. “Being human. And finding solutions.” The keys to success from Taja…

6. Once you know the “why” of your business, virtually everything else becomes so much simpler…

7. “How can we make your life easier?” This is the question EVERY business should ask of it’s customers…including Taja and myself.

8. And if you’ve made your customer’s life easier…word of mouth about you and your business becomes almost automatic.

9. And if your customer achieves that…then business becomes fun again…and worth getting up in the morning.

10. The importance of “the energy for success.”

11. You can find Taja here at Pulp + Wire.


If you want to make the lives of your customers easier, here are some tips!

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Becky McCray: Why Your Business Needs To Adopt Small Town Rules!

My pleasure to welcome one of the truly cool and kind people of the social webs, Becky McCray, to IntrepidTV.

Becky is an author, speaker, and rural entrepreneur…truly a small-town girl. Her latest book, co-authored with Barry Moltz, is called Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy.

What do small town businesses know that big brands need to adopt? Becky and I discussed that and these other topics on the show:

1. Changes in the economy, technology, and a cultural change which lead to an increased focus on local, all make small town rules more important than ever.

2. This really fascinating contradiction: we are more connected GLOBALLY than ever…but yet small town rules are more necessary than ever.

3. We are as connected globally, as we are with the intimacy of local small-town relationships. Everyone knows, and can easily speak with, everyone else.

4. People used to trust the large brands, but nowadays, they are trusting small, local businesses too…and maybe even more so.

5. Large, global brands can adopt small town rules to connect with people on a deeply, personal level. This wasn’t possible even just a few years ago.

6. Any business can connect with people online. What is the modern equivalent of seeing your neighbors at the local parade? Hanging and connecting with them on Twitter. [Becky share three SIMPLE AND POWERFUL online tips for small business]

7. It is not just about finding new business. It is also about nurturing existing relationships. And the importance of the community manager!

8. “Reputation is forever.”

You can learn more about Becky McCray and the book here, and purchase the book below (affiliate link):


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Editor’s note: my apologies for the video quality. I was in a rather poorly lit hotel room, coupled with weak WiFi, so today’s skype isn’t as good quality as I’d prefer. Appreciate your patience. The content still rocks though!

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Scott Dinsmore on IntrepidTV: Live Your Legend!

Scott Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore is about helping people do the work that matters to them. What inspires him is the sad fact that 80% of the people on this earth do work that does NOT make them happy.

Scott is trying to change that, and help those same people find a better path. He blogs and works out of Live Your Legend. He is about changing the world by helping you do work you love…

SHOW NOTES: Scott and I discussed the following topics:

1. First, we discuss how in the heck it is still possible that people, in this day and age, still accept a life of mediocrity, and are willing to go to a job that is unfulfilling. There is a limiting belief prevalent in our society…

2. We discuss the question of whether or not people working a corporate gig, in a cubicle, can still do meaningful work that matters…

3. The importance of “starting with why,” and how we both subscribe to the message of Simon Sinek.

4. The initial steps to understand your why, to understand how to live your legend…to start doing work that matters…

5. It starts with spending time with the right people…the right influencers. As he says, if you are trying to lose 30 lbs, don’t spend all your time with people who are 30 lbs overweight…

6. The EPIC Work Tool Kit…which can be found here.


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Erika Napoletano: Why You Need To Be Unpopular

It’s not everyday we’re told to be unpopular…but that’s exactly what Erika Napoletano suggests we do in this really fun and NSFW conversation:

Erika Napoletano

Erika is a copywriter, business strategist, author, and blogger out of RedHeadWriting.com. She is a breath of fresh air, and as you’ll see in this interview, she has no fear about speaking her mind… As she says, she is unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic.

She joins me to discuss her new book, The Power of Unpopular.

On the show, Erika and I discussed the following topics:

1. What it means to be unpopular, and why we need to fight against societal norms of striving to be popular. The idea is that when you become unpopular with a certain audience, you become BELOVED by a more important audience…

2. And the role, positive or negative, social media plays into that idea…

3. Followers don’t matter. The amount of relationships with real people do…

4. When you stop worrying about achieving popularity, and focus on people, you will naturally become popular with the right audience.

5. Conflicts makes for devoted fans (and customers), and storied rivalries prove this point: Coke vs. Pepsi, Mac vs. PC, or the Yankees vs. Red Sox. Devoted fans have a rival. The Yankees, cannot, and will not, be loved by everyone…

6. Instead, you must elevate your audience

7. The continuing battle to encourage businesspeople to speak to a niche…not to EVERYONE.

8. Audience building strategy by way of the Sex Pistols, or how to stir up the passion from your customers!

9. Good vs. Bad publicity: publicity is bad when it reminds the audience that you’ve forgotten what it means to serve your customer.

10. “Love me, hate me, but don’t be indifferent…”

11. How fighting to be unpopular can make it easier to be creative in telling your story…

12. The difference between unpopular and unlikeable.

13. The five ingredients necessary for an unpopular brand…

Follow the book on Facebook, and you can purchase the book here (affiliate link):


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Colin Wright on IntrepidTV [audio-only]

Colin Wright

I published a series of IntrepidTV episodes around the turn of the year that were originally – and obviously – published on video. I’ve gotten a bunch of requests for the audio-only versions of four episodes (Julien Smith, David Meerman Scott, Jonathan Fields, and Amber Rae).

I also had a bunch of requests for Colin Wright and Jason Falls, which were recorded way back in the fall that I will republish as audio-only soon too…

So, this is the fourth of those six, Colin Wright. You can view the original broadcast on IntrepidTV with Colin here.

[Oh, and rumor is, he will be swinging through Atlanta late March/early April. And yeah, he and I have been in touch to get him and crew in the studio to talk about their latest adventures…and perhaps get into other trouble while they are in town…]

From now on, all episodes filmed for the TV show will also be available on mp3 for download at the time the original conversation is published.

Enjoy my conversation with Colin Wright on his latest projects, minimalism, and world travel!


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Todd Schnick and Taja Dockendorf on IntrepidTV: Product Packaging and Psychology of Design

In this segment of the Todd and Taja Show, a special series on IntrepidTV, our discussion focuses on the art and science of product packaging.

Discussion topics include:

1. Making an impact on the shelves, yet still moving the needle for your business.

2. The really really long list of things to think about when considering your product packaging.

3. Product design –> “Market testing” verses “The Steve Jobs Way.”

4. Why to look at your future shelf space first!

5. The psychology of buying, and the psychology of design – with regards to product packaging.

6. Value of Pinterest with product design and sales: how Pinterest can be a organizational and design tool.

7. The “Looks Matter” design philosphy.

8. How going cheap with product packaging design will cost you more.

9. Whole Foods verses Wal-Mart.

You can learn more about my co-host, Taja Dockendorf here.


[learn more about psychology of good business here]

[link to YouTube video here]

[DOWNLOAD the mp3 by right-clicking on this link]

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The Impact of Mobile Apps, Mobile Web, and QR Codes for Your Business, and What You Should Do About It

A pleasure to welcome back Taja Dockendorf of Pulp + Wire to this special edition of IntrepidTV.

On this show, we talk about the importance of apps, the mobile web and QR codes to your overall marketing presentation.

Highlights from the show:

1. What’s the difference between an app, and a mobile web site? And do you need an app for your business? What questions you should ask yourself to determine if you need one…

2. As for your mobile presence, what are some questions to ask yourself about what your mobile web site should include…

3. What is a QR [quick response] code? Should you use them? And what are some clever ways to leverage them…

4. With all mobile tools, if all you do is use them to continue to drive one-way messaging, you will lose out in the end. Be sure to drive content that is helpful, interactive and engages the end user.


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Karla Blalock on IntrepidTV: Analytics and Sales Lead Management

A pleasure to welcome Karla Blalock, COO of PointClear, to IntrepidTV!

Karla was recently named the Analytics Marketer of the Year by TAG Marketing, and a two-time Top 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management, so it was apt that we had a conversation about the importance of analytics and sales lead management.

Highlights from the show include:

1. Her definition of sales lead management…

2. …and an explanation of how you layer analytics onto sales lead management, which results in knowing how to better target your prospects, and more effectively nurturing your prospects through the sales process.

3. Analytics enables you to determine how well your sales process is functioning, provides additional marketing intelligence, and provides data you can see that helps determine how to close deals more quickly.

4. Karla and I talk about how to collect the data, and what tools to use to analyze and study the numbers. But before that, she helps us understand the three basic classifications of data itself.

5. Understanding the importance of the CRM to the data collection and analysis process.

6. How to overcome the resistance from sales reps, and others in the sales organization, to keying in data and keeping up with the CRM.

7. And finally, can analytics – and sales lead management – help finally bridge the gap between the sales and marketing departments?


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Julien Smith on IntrepidTV: The Flinch

Julien Smith

I read 36 books this year. And Julien Smith’s The Flinch provided the bitch slap I needed to wake up and change my entire approach towards 2012. It was a pleasure to welcome him to IntrepidTV.

Highlights from our conversation, and why you should download this book:

1. Julien explains what The Flinch is — a moment of panic when you are about to do something new, or do something you’ve been told NOT to do. The purpose of the book is to help you fight that instinct.

2. You have to forcefully deprogram yourself from instinctual habits. And most of you won’t, and that is why you settle.

3. We have to relearn the process of experimentation. Our instincts, and our culture, teach us not to.

4. Julien explains that we, as a species, have stopped evolving. This is very dangerous both as people, and as organizations.

5. We box ourselves in, and we never seek to break out of the box. When you test yourself, and ignore The Flinch, you grow the size of your box, and your world expands. This is how you grow.

6. Julien explains that we are in a toxic decision-making environment. We, and our culture, our set up to fail. We knowingly make poor decisions. And we accept it. And in the end, we hate ourselves for it. This is what The Flinch does to us.

7. We talk about the power, and the necessity of “one-star reviews,” and why we should celebrate them.

8. Julien suggests that we have to polarize more.

9. To win the fight against The Flinch, Julien suggests “you have to be an asshole to yourself.” You have to ask yourself, why are you settling?

I didn’t plan it this way. But for me, reading Julien’s book, and participating in this interview, was an eye-opening way to end 2011 and launch 2012. I hope you get the same benefit.

You can check out Julien’s blog here, and learn more about The Flinch here. Lastly, you can download The Flinch for FREE below:


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Amber Rae on IntrepidTV

Inspired to welcome Amber Rae to IntrepidTV. Amber Rae is the force behind Revolution.is, and recently worked on Seth Godin’s Domino Project. You can learn more about Amber and all of her projects here.

Your key takeaways from Amber Rae!

1. She talks about how the world will be a better place if you are giving your gifts to the world.

2. Amber shares how to take action to live an inspired life.

3. We discuss how to crack the code and help people make the bold decision to change their unsatisfying path, and pursue meaning in their life. It all begins with just deciding to start…

4. We discuss the question about how important having the entrepreneurial gene is to achieving a life of freedom achieving big dreams…

5. Amber talks about Revolution.is, her project showcasing remarkable people living unconventional lives. The goal of the stories are to inspire positive action. As Amber says, “revolution is within you…”

6. Amber was Chief Evangelist for The Domino Project, Seth Godin’s new model book publishing project. She shares some important lessons learned on the project, and we also talk about Derek Sivers’ book, Anything You Want, which was one of her principal assignments:

Amber highlights the power behind Derek’s “Hell Yeah” decision-making process.

If you need a jolt of inspiration, and think there is a revolution inside you, don’t miss this episode featuring Amber Rae!


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