Hacking email marketing

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Todd SchnickThrilled to be a monthly guest on Dan Waldschmidt’s show, Edgy Perspectives. Here are some notes from the show page on our recent conversation around email marketing:

That’s what we are going to talk about — 6 highly effective strategies for getting better replies, more engagement, and generating more deals from the people who really need what you are selling.

You’ll learn the words to use, tools to use, and process to use to get much better results. Imagine if you could have 50% of the people you email respond back to you. How much better would your business be?

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Here is the audio:

So, just for fun, here are some completely random notes I sketched out during my show prep:

1. Do not be all selly sell – provide helpful info that serves and benefits your customer/prospect.

2. Use autoresponders to move someone thru a educational process.

3. Use video texting when people aren’t responding to your email.

4. First of all, think about the email you get. Over time, you’ve subscribed to a ton of different mailing lists. You know damn well there are emails you automatically delete when you get it. You don’t even look at it. Think about why.

And then there are emails you get that you drop everything and read. Think about why?

Is it the content easy to consume? is it the social proof? is it the design? is it the immediate value you get, the immediate actions you can take?

Understand why certain emails move you, and learn from that.

5. List size doesn’t matter. Cull from the lists the people that don’t belong. You are better off mailing to a very small list of people who want to be there, verses boasting of a giant mailing list that does nothing for you.

6. Mail frequently. Mailing once a month doesn’t work. This is risky, people are culturally trained to believe mailing often, even daily, is bad. But remember, if you love getting the email, you’ll happily take it daily.

7. I believe short and concise is better. Personally, I don’t like the long digest emails that take a lot of minutes of peruse.

8. Mobile friendly. Be sure your emails are mobile optimized. With fonts you can read.

9. Use autoresponders. Permission-based, properly time-sequenced autoresponder campaigns are, I believe, one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. And very effective. And once set-up, do all the work for you.

10. You have to offer something. Some sort of call to action. Don’t be in their face selly sell, but teach, educate, serve, help, provide knowledge that makes someone better. But then do include a way for people to go deeper.

The number one reason people fail at fundraising, is that they never actually make the ask for money…

11. You want engagement? Then don’t repeat the content that everyone else is saying. Get personal. Get real. Get deep. And get in their face. Be edgy. Be controversial. Spark debate. Get people thinking. Unlock the passion that cultures demands remain locked up in most people…. Push buttons…


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Email marketing: Missed opportunities that cost you profit

Hugh MacLeodMost people are trying to figure out how to sell using the latest social channels.

While at the same time, most people are missing the boat with the most powerful digital tool at their disposal…email marketing.

Just in the past two weeks, I’ve had a few situations where there were missed opportunities. Such as:

1. We needed to get some work done on the furnace in our new house. So, we reached out to a company, and got something scheduled. They came, did their thing, and left. And we’ve heard nary a word since. Why wouldn’t they ask us to join a mailing list to learn about home maintenance, and other tips and tricks to keep our home in good shape?

2. I promoted a wine on Facebook the other day. Some of my favorite stuff, and a future guest on my food + wine podcast. But why wouldn’t they invite me personally to join a mailing list about their product, and other ancillary products and events?

3. I’ve talked with two organizations about doing some web design work for some clients of mine recently. Why wouldn’t they invite me to join a mailing list to learn more about web design, and other tips and tricks about how to maintain and upgrade your website, as well as showcase other tools that I should consider?

4. I’ve asked two companies to give me a quote on lawn maintenance and weed control. As requested, both sent me a quote. And nothing else. Why wouldn’t they invite me to a mailing list to learn tips and tricks about how to better maintain my lawn and landscaping?

Yeah, you might say “Well Todd, since you’ve already initiated conversation with these organizations, why oh why do they need to bother marketing to you any more?”

Because I have a lot going on, and I am busy, and I’d want to keep on my radar. Or, there is a lot of noise, and I’d want to take initiative to stay top of mind. Or, there are plenty of organizations that ARE reaching out to people, and I wouldn’t want to lose my attention to them.

Because losing my attention costs you future profit.

Look, email marketing is a very effective tool, but you already know this. Sending content regularly to people who have given you permission, is the most impactful marketing you can do. But you already know this.

You just aren’t doing it. Get started. Or you will lose to someone who is doing it. Simple.


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DJ Waldow – A 15 Question Lightning Round To Answer All Your Email Marketing Questions!

DJ WaldowA fun pleasure to welcome DJ Waldow to Intrepid Radio!

DJ is an author and the Founder/CEO of Waldow Social.

Along with Jason Falls, he is the co-author of a new book called The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing – Grow Your List, Break The Rules, And Win!

As I suspected he would be, DJ graciously accepted my offer to do a complete show in lightning round format! So, here follows the fifteen questions I asked him on the show:

1. How often should you send email to your audience?

2. Should you only email unique content? Or is it ok to repurpose blog content?

3. Email sign-up Pop-up windows….Good or bad?

[By the way, the popup tool recommended by Chris Penn is Pippity…]

4. Email autoresponders….Good or bad?

5. As a sales rep, should you use the (possibly boring) corporate email marketing campaign? Or create YOUR OWN list?

6. Does the size of your list really matter?

7. When you send an email, should you send the complete text of the content? Or include some teaser content with a link to the full article on your blog? And does that impact open rates?

8. How important is mobile to your email marketing?

9. HTML verses plain-text emails?

10. What email provider should you use?

11. What email format/template should you use?

12. When sending an email, does the time of day matter?

13. When sending an email, does the day of the week matter?

14. How important is it to be human in your email marketing?

15. Does humor and “imperfections” make a difference?

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Ben Settle – Email Marketing Strategy For Sales Reps!

ben settleIt has long been my view that most sales reps have made poor use of email strategy, not to mention blogging, as part of their sales process. So, I invited Ben Settle back to Intrepid Radio to discuss what can be done.

Ben is an email specialist out of BenSettle.com, and you can join his great mailing list there as well.


First, we cover some email basics:

1. Why you should send marketing email every day.
2. How large your mailing list should be.
3. Content, and how to generate it.
4. The whole point of blogging is to build your mailing list.

Now, for the traditional sales rep:

1. “Don’t break the rules of email marketing. Make your OWN rules.”

2. Create your own email campaign, build your own mailing list, publish your OWN blog…because?

3. People aren’t buying from the company. They are buying from you.

4. The reason most consumers don’t like to talk to sales people isn’t that they don’t like to be sold to, it’s that most sales people aren’t good at what they do.

5. We talk about two ways to get movement and traction when you are pressed for end-of-month(quarter) sales, or at least getting people to do your demo when your sales managers pushes arbitrary end-of-period numbers or goals.

6. Every sales rep sends weekly “touching base” emails to their prospects, emails that are clearly buy emails hoping the prospect is ready to buy today. Ben and I talk about a better way…

7. Ben suggests, and explains, why you should follow this three-step formula: 1. Be desireless. 2. Be excellent. 3. Be gone (people pursue that which retreats…).

8. Can (and should) sales reps incorporate an autoresponder program into their sales and marketing program too…

9. Why you should treat the names in your database like friends, and not, well, like names in a database…

10. And yes, we are suggesting you create YOUR OWN mailing list, and create YOUR OWN blog. Do not rely on the corporate stuff…


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Jason Falls: The Rebel’s Guide To Email Marketing

email marketing

A pleasure to welcome Jason Falls back to Intrepid Radio!

Jason is an author, speaker, and CEO of Social Media Explorer. His last appearance on the show was to discuss his first book, No Bullshit Social Media.

But today, he joined me to discuss his next book, The Rebel’s Guide To Email Marketing, co-authored with DJ Waldow.


1. Why the hell did we need another book on email marketing?

2. Does humor play a role in email marketing?

3. Does mobile impact your email strategy?

4. Is email dead?

5. Why you need to break email marketing rules…

6. Does social compliment email marketing?

7. OK, I am not some well known author with a large platform. How does everyman build a meaningful mailing list?

8. How large does my list have to be? Or, is list-size envy a real problem?

And…the Jason Falls Email Tactics Lightning Round!
9. HTML? Or plain-text?
10. Autoresponders. Good? Or bad?
11. How often should you send email?
12. Content. Repurposed blog content? Or unique material?

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email marketingOK, so maybe it isn’t a film, but I’ve been working hard towards a personal goal of having my INBOX read “ZERO” every day.

It has been quite an adventure, but as of this writing, I’ve done it for SEVEN days in a row.

Here are some things I’ve learned during the process.

1. I actually give a damn about tackling my inbox. Email is fun again.

2. I now find that I take care of simple and easy emails right away, instead of letting them linger.

3. And I do a better job of managing the larger, more complicated emails, instead of letting them linger and bury me.

4. It was really hard to do all the work to get it to ZERO. You’re just going to have to do it. Face up to it.

5. You are better off removing, say, 25 a day instead of dealing with it all at once. I suspect most people will quit if they try to do this all at once.

6. But once at ZERO, maintaining is A LOT easier.

7. And yet, email grows faster than rabbits produce.

8. I think declaring email bankruptcy is cheating. But it might be necessary in your case.

9. Finally forcing myself to unsubscribe from a lot of the crap I still haven’t left yet.

10. You lose patience for emails that are unnecessary, such as when someone emails “thanks!” I appreciate the gesture. But stop wasting my time.

11. You lose patience for LONG emails, when short, to-the-point emails are more appropriate. And they almost always are.

12. This has forged a deeper appreciation of my iPhone and iPad, in that my ability to manage emails is simpler and faster with both.

13. Don’t hate me because I manage emails in the rest room. I am more efficient than you. You are the one with 500+ emails in your INBOX.

14. This makes you think longer and harder about signing-up for new mailing lists. And sort of forces you to only join lists that really matter.

15. Despite an “increased” focus on my INBOX, I actually spend less time with email.

16. You realize how much time you waste dealing with all the email notifications from all your social networks. Like me, you’ll shut all that stuff off.

17. You begin to mercilessly mock those that clearly DO NOT have their email in order.

18. This becomes fun.

19. But you grow impatient with those that do not have their INBOX in order, because they take much longer to respond to your email.

20. This isn’t as much fun.

21. And you do learn to be more sensitive to sending someone what they may perceive as a waste of their time, so you become more discerning.

22. This makes you a better communicator.

23. I use gmail, and have ALL my various email addresses forwarded to one place. Through this process, I’ve gotten much better at properly labeling and filing away emails that I need to keep for reference. Gmail makes it very easy to find what you are looking for, when you need it.

24. This is a skill that you NEED to learn. Don’t dial this in.

25. Seeing “ZERO” on your INBOX is the second greatest feeling in the world. So fight like hell to get to INBOX ZERO. It makes life worth living again.

26. Because if you don’t do this, you are just like everyone else…

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